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High-frequency training or training to failure? Which one will work for you?

Training to your limit as well as treating training as a practice both work. If you train to your limit, do so infrequently, if you treat training as a practice, you must train frequently. Both work it just depends on how you prefer to train and how often you want to or can allocate to training. Your natural recovery abilities must also be considered. If you enjoy intense workouts, but get injured often, or just, in general, take forever to recover then you’re not going to make progress and will eventually become frustrated and likely give up.

If you enjoy training often and can’t afford to be sore all week or simply don’t want to, training frequently (4-6 times per week doing full body workouts) is a viable option. One of the big pluses is you will get better at the actual skill of training and it can be a great method for rapidly increasing strength in particular.

One of the perceived negatives is many don’t get the satisfaction that comes with completing an intense workout. In other words, no need to take a nap afterward and no soreness the next day which many stimulus addict trainees will regard as serious flaws. Also, many trainees simply enjoy pushing themselves and love the rush of executing an intense workout. The strong sense of accomplishment and blasting through mental barriers are strong incentives to keep training.

Many simply don’t have the discipline to do high-frequency workouts. Sure many can commit to the schedule but just can’t leave the workout with all the reps still in the bank. They just don’t feel they have trained until they push the last few reps of every set or at least the last one in a series. Be honest with yourself as high-frequency training is not for everyone. However, if you would like to give it a shot, check out the article I wrote on the topic many years ago at


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