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The Rules Of Chocolate

By Charles Poliquin

Eating chocolate used to be cause for plaguing us all with guilt. Closet chocolate eaters, you can all come out now! Recent scientific research tells us that chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants called flavonols.

These anti-oxidants protect our arteries and prostate glands, reduce inflammation and increase sensations of well-being. The same flavonols are found in green tea and in certain types of berries.

The Rules of Chocolate

Of course, you should follow some rules when choosing the right chocolate for you. Here are rules to follow to make it ever more guilt free:

Rule 1: The darker the chocolate, the better it is. Look for a brand that stipulates at least 70% cocoa. Most people find 85% brands way too bitter to eat.

Rule 2: Read the entire label! Watch out for ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. These ingredients will mitigate the health benefits of chocolate.

Rule 3: Keep the milk out of it! Drinking a whole glass of milk with your chocolate is enough to block absorption of all the anti-oxidants, studies have revealed. Stay away from milk chocolate products.

Rule 4: Keep the servings small. Stick to servings of about 15-30 grams at a time, one serving per day. During menopause, I allow clients to use up to 4 servings a day, provided that they exercise 4 times weekly.


The best places to buy chocolates are:

Chocolate Springs ( – You can get the chocolate nibs there.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate ( – Premium products including nibs.

Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate ( – Organic fair trade chocolate products.



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