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The Real Reason for the Andro Ban

By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame.

The FDA is famous for doing everything to insure the drugs companies make money and everything to insure they don’t lose money. When Jack Kemp was in congress he said, “The FDA is the best government agency money can buy”. Everyone at FDA came from the drug companies and when they leave FDA they will go back to working for the drug companies or, if they’ve done really well, as Clinton’s FDA chief did in hiding the studies about Prozac causing mania and suicide in kids and teens, Pfizer got him the job as head of Yale med school and gave him a seven digit figure salary as an advisor. Once we understand why and how the FDA works and who they really protect, what I’m about to tell you will be better understood.

While feigning concern for young misguided athletes and bodybuilders who in the quest for achievement might take testosterone like substances and find their balls (governments like estrogen dominant subjects not testosterone loaded citizens), the US Congress and the FDA followed the California legislatures lead in banning the various forms of androstene from the over the counter market. As with all the proclamations of paternalistic governments we were told it was for “our own good”. Mind you “our own good” turns out to be the bank accounts of FDA and congress critters but more on that later.

The actual reason for the ban on andro is very simple – someone in a drug company saw something in andro that could make them BIG money. In order for a substance to make BIG money for a drug company it can’t be available openly. Availability needs to be limited and supply need to be restricted. Simple law of supply and demand. Still with me, good then read on.

While looking for a way to treat the victims of a terrorist radiation attack one of the things that needs to be cared for is the death of bone marrow. When bone marrow dies off after the absorption of Strontium by the bone (it thinks the stuff is calcium) or from the high level of exposure platelet and red blood cell production plummets to zero. During a mass casualty event such as a nuke or dirty bomb attack, thousands would be needing treatment for “Acute Radiation Syndrome”. Until now the only treatment for the RBC and platelet loss has been transfusion after transfusion, which would be impractical and undoable in a nuke attack situation.

Enter androstene! Some bright light drug researcher remembered that androstene regenerates bone marrow! Wonders, and the FDA said it was so bad! Studies were done where lab monkeys were exposed to deadly amounts of radiation, enough to kill 32% of the monkeys in the study. When given andro the number dropped to only 12% dying. (Int. Immunopharmacology, Vol. 7, p 550). So there was a substance, easily had, right at hand that could prevent the deaths of tens of thousands in an isolated attack or millions in a nuke war. But true to the form of the legal drug cartels, the question was not how can we disseminate this information for the benefit of the country, but rather how can we make BIG money from this! The answer was that access to andro had to be limited, then the studies on what andro did for radiation exposure and poisoning could released. After that the Fed’s were to be convinced to buy huge amounts of the new wonder ‘drug” to stock pile against the day they would be needed to treat the mass casualties of a nuke or dirty bomb attack.

So the drug guys went to those who had the power and convinced them of the “need” to protect athletes. In California they bought the state legislature and they instituted the first andro ban. The Federal congress followed suit with the vitamin hating senior senator from the Peoples Communist Republic of Illinois Dick (yes he is) Durban leading the charge to save our ignorant asses from ourselves. Other bright lights in congress joined in the cry, notably house member Henry Waxman from the Democratic Socialist Republic of California. What galled those of us watching from the side lines was the fact that old time supplement supporters like Orin Hatch and Tom Harkin joined in and again they told us it was for our own good. (Aren’t we glad someone smarter than us’ins are doing the thinking for us)!

So andro became a class 2 drug like all the anabolics, narcotics and ritalin. FDA and the media so lambasted athletes who used andro and the companies that supplied it that no doc anywhere would have the balls to write a script for it! Those who dared would immediately come under DEA scrutiny. Now the access to andro was severely limited and tightly controlled. This was the time to announce a NEW WONDER DRUG to cure radiation poisoning! Oh joy, oh salvation, oh the wonders of medical science!

The US government is awarding a huge contract to Hollis-Eden the drug firm making the andro drug whose market name is AED. The Fed’s will stockpile AED by the mega millions of doses against the day when it might be needed. This equals mega BIG bucks.

If you could look into the bank accounts here and abroad for the congress critters involved, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that you would see deposits from firms with connections to Hollis-Eden, (or to who ever really owns Hollis-Eden) and, that those deposits would be sizable. Get copies of the initial house and senate bills to ban andro in California and Washington DC. Look at the names of those slime balls sponsoring the bills. Those are the folks whose finances and connections to the legal drug cartels need to be scrutinized! If you happen to live where these guys and gals represent, remember what they’ve done next time you vote!

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About the Author

Dr. Wong is the author of “The Best Natural Sports Medicine Book Ever” and “10 Natural Treatments You have Not Heard Of Until Now.” He is also available for phone consultations. Visit his website for more information.


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