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Why men and women shouldn’t be okay with having poor testosterone levels

In our rapidly growing estrogen-dominant society (both metaphorically and literally due to environmental toxins)  it is becoming more acceptable for men to have low testosterone levels and some even believe it is a positive step for men to behave more like women. No people, having high estrogen levels is not okay for men and is not remotely healthy either. It has a deleterious effect on a man’s mood, sex drive, heart, and prostate health, and makes it impossible to improve physique composition. Many men now carry excess body fat like overweight women (excess lower body fat) and couldn’t do a pull-up or ten pushups if their lives depended on it. 

This is unacceptable on multiple fronts and speaking strictly from a mental and physical health level is absolutely dangerous. Review the signs of low testosterone levels below and it is abundantly clear that having optimal levels of testosterone is crucial for overall health and not just for men. Women also need ideal levels of testosterone for optimal health. 

Signs of low testosterone

  • Decreased bone density
  • Decreased libido
  • Loss of early morning and spontaneous erections (erectile dysfunction makes you far more prone to a heart attack and stroke)
  • Depression
  • Lack of self-confidence and initiative
  • More emotional
  • Increased cellulite in women
  • Excessive sweating and even hot flashes in men as well
  • Fat cheek muscles
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin and eyes
  • Poorly developed beards
  • Inability to achieve deep sleep. Deep sleep is crucial for natural testosterone production. 
  • Mercurial personality, irritable, grumpy, full of anxiety
  • Hostile and argumentative. It is men with low levels of testosterone and high levels of estrogen that are more likely to be hostile due to a desperate need to overcompensate. Contrary to popular opinion, optimal testosterone to estrogen ratio as well as an ideal DHEA to cortisol ratio has a tremendous positive impact on mood and genuine confidence. 
  • Tired all the time
  • Memory problems and poor focus
  • Excess body fat in particular at the pecs and midsection (increased body fat equals an increase in aromatase enzymes which convert testosterone to estrogen)
  • Heart issues
  • Difficulty building muscle mass and strength or even maintaining what you have. Not making any progress with your regimen? Your low testosterone levels are one of the primary reasons. 
  • Skin tone issues and more wrinkles
  • Weakened immune system
  • Prostate issues. Yes, testosterone is important for prostate health and lowering it does not improve prostate health as it is excess estrogen levels, excess inflammation, and low testosterone that causes prostate issues. Otherwise, every 18-year-old man would have prostate issues. Prostate issues occur when men are much older and often older men have depleted testosterone levels, high levels of estrogen, and high levels of inflammation.

How to improve testosterone levels 

  • According to Dr. Edwin Lee, avoiding toxins is crucial 
  • BPA in plastic products is a xenoestrogen
  • Phthalates make plastic softer and are another xenoestrogen (is in IV tubings)
  • Parabens (food and cosmetic preservatives) also interfere with testosterone production
  • Sauna is a great way to detoxify and clean out toxins and heavy metals
  • Avoid alcohol consumption as alcohol converts testosterone into estrogen regardless of source. 
  • Meat, dairy, and eggs from factory farms are full of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and will have a negative impact on testosterone production. Eat only organic sources or don’t eat meat and animal products at all. 
  • The right dose of exercise will increase testosterone. However, too much will lower it and increase cortisol. 
  • After 45-60 minutes of hard training, cortisol starts to rise and testosterone declines. Intense workouts with a focus on compound exercises have the most impact on testosterone production.
  • A balanced diet full of healthy fats can increase testosterone levels naturally (essential fatty acids, adequate-protein intake as protein increases the hormone glucagon which in turn increases testosterone and growth hormone, longer stretches between meals)
  • Eat hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds for healthy fats, magnesium, and zinc. Magnesium and zinc are the most important minerals for both total and free testosterone levels. Zinc is also a natural AI and helps block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. 
  • Consume olive oil, nut, and seeds to help convert cholesterol into testosterone in the testes
  • Address leptin and insulin resistance. High glucose levels lower testosterone.
  • Address adrenaline resistance and adrenaline dominance. Stress increases adrenaline which in turn increases cortisol. This, in turn, has a negative impact on the DHEA to cortisol ratio as well as overall testosterone levels. 
  • Eight hours of deep sleep every night. Don’t believe the nonsense promulgated by the misinformed that you can get away with four hours of sleep and thrive. All you’re doing is building a sleep debt and you will have to pay it big time with interest eventually. 
  • Lose body fat but not too fast as rapid decreases will cause testosterone levels to plummet. The faster you lose body fat the faster you will likely gain it back and more. 
  • Address vitamin and mineral deficiencies: zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, boron, copper, selenium are all important for natural production.
  • Take the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster loaded with the best herbs for increasing testosterone: bulbine natalensis, mucuna pruriens, stinging nettle root, and ashwagandha.
  • Take adaptogens such as what is in RED to lower stress and improve the DHEA to cortisol ratio. RED is loaded with the best adaptogens: Rhodiola Rosea, shilajit, maca, and ashwagandha.
  • Use EC to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and improve the testosterone to estrogen ratio. 
  • Talk to your doctor regarding using the fertility drug Clomid at 50mg every third day to increase natural production.
  • Use DHEA cream (especially for increasing T for women). DHEA cream not only increases DHEA levels more effectively than oral options it also augments testosterone levels. 
  • TRT (shots or cream) (According to Dr. Mark Gordon, if you use TRT you should also take pregnenolone and DHEA as TRT down-regulates the upstream hormones)
  • “High c-reactive protein has a negative impact on nitric oxide levels which will in turn fuel ED”-Dr. Mark Gordon. Use Restorezyme to lower c-reactive protein levels a marker of inflammation. 


Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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