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The Many Benefits Of Curcumin For Health And Hormone Optimization

In addition to being a powerful estrogen blocker, the benefits of Curcumin are endless and include: 

  • Supports testosterone production in men due to heightened activity of enzymes such as 3-beta-HSD and 17-beta-HSD in the testes. These enzymes are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone*
  • Has as an anabolic/anticatabolic effect in muscle tissue*
  • Improves prostate health by protecting the prostate against androgens*
  • Has been shown to block the growth of fat tissue and stimulates fat burning in the body*
  • Boosts the blood vessel widening effect of nitric oxide*
  • Increases glucose uptake into muscle cells*
  • Reduces inflammation*
  • Improves joint health and pain management*
  • Relieves arthritis*
  • Mitigates depression*
  • Ramps up the growth of new neurons and battles various degenerative processes in the brain*
  • Improves brain health by encouraging more acetylcholine to make it to the brain*
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity which is critical for fat loss, hormone optimization,  and overall health*
  • Upgrades liver function and liver health*
  • Promotes heart health and ideal blood pressure*
  • Sharpens the function of the endothelium, which is the lining of the blood vessels*
  • Elevates metabolism to improve fat loss*
  • Is a strong antioxidant and improves the immune system*
  • Has potent antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties*
  • Cultivates gut health and alleviates digestion issues*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Promotes bone health*
  • Relieves the symptoms eczema and inflammatory bowel disease*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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