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Beneficial peptides I have used

You have discussed peptides often with Dr. Mark Gordon and Dr. Julio Garcia on the ASC show. What is your experience with peptides? 

Here are the peptides I have used along with the benefits derived 

BPC-157: This is often used to heal injuries and improve training recovery. I definitely noticed some healing benefits. However, the most profound benefit was the immense improvement in gut health. I feel like I absorb nutrients more efficiently when taking BPC 157 and digest food much more effectively. Anyone dealing with IBS or leaky gut syndrome should consider this compound for sure. Click here to learn more

TB-500: This is the most effective peptide I have used for healing injuries such as knee pain from overuse. It definitely helps with training recovery and improving strength. It has also been shown to improve heart health. I think this peptide is superior to BPC-157 for injuries. Learn more at Click here to learn more

CJC 1295/Ipramorelin: This is a growth hormone secretagogue combo that is very effective for increasing your own production of growth hormone. Unlike taking actual growth hormone which is several times more expensive, this combo will not shut down your own production. The two most profound benefits I noticed from this combo was a dramatic improvement in sleep quality and a serious reduction in body fat. If you have stubborn body fat such as in the stomach, this is a very effective compound to address it. Make sure your training and nutrition are on lock to get the most out of it. I recommend two strength training sessions per week and two high-intensity cardio sessions to derive maximum benefit. Click here to learn more

PT-141: If you’re looking for something to improve erections this is your peptide for sure. It can also cause a natural tan if you take too much but this is not something that is recommended to take more than two times per week. It can take a while to feel the effects but when you do, you will know for sure it is working. It takes around 8 hours for me to notice anything, but when it does kick in let’s just say I could put nails in the wall with my member. Yes, it is that powerful in my experience. While it can take a long time to kick in, the good news is the benefits last for several days. Prepare to wake up with the hardest erection you have ever had. Viagra and Cialis have nothing on PT-141. In addition to improving sex function, it also improves sex drive and is something both men and women can benefit from. Click here to learn more

I have used some other peptides as well such as oxytocin which is also great for sleep and relaxation, and Kisspeptin-10 which works like HCG or Clomid without any negatives, and I am currently playing around with Dihexa which has fantastic data for brain health and focus. However, the four compounds listed above are the ones I have the most experience with and can state unequivocally are very effective. 

Peptides are currently in a grey area meaning many companies sell them but you will notice that they state the peptides are not for human consumption. This is for legal purposes only as clearly they are selling it for human consumption. This is why you will not find any info on various vendor websites on how to use the peptides including dosing recommendations. 

While you can purchase the peptides legally and get insulin needles anywhere to inject the compounds (oral versions are not effective and a waste of money with the exception of Dihexa), I recommend you work with a qualified physician such as Dr. Julio Garcia. Peptides are essentially sophisticated proteins. They do their job and then are eliminated. In my opinion, when they are used properly are very safe but you want to clear usage with a qualified physician before playing around with peptides. 

Dr. Edwin Lee has a very informative book on peptides which I recommend highly available at Peptides book

My more info on my friend Dr. Julio Garcia and to schedule a consult on which peptides are the best fit for you, go to Dr. Garcia’s website

Make sure to check out the two episodes of the ASC show with Dr. Garcia on peptides 


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