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Aggressive Strength Research For The Week #1 9-5-2018

Full body workouts slightly more effective than split routines

A recent study by sports scientist Brad Schoenfeld published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed that full body workouts are slightly more effective than split routines for building muscle mass. The study also suggested that higher frequency workouts are superior.

There are pros and cons of both methodologies so no need to become pedantic and overly fixated on one strategy. Experiment with both to determine what works for you.

I prefer full body workouts executed with high frequency to get in as much practice as possible to improve performance. I prioritize compound moves and cover five areas at each workout: upper body press, upper body pull, lower body press, lower body pull, and core work. For example

Upper body press: Double Kettlebell Military Press 

Upper body pull: Ring Pull-ups

Lower body press: Barbell Squat

Lower body pull: Double Kettlebell Swing

Core: Dragon Flag

Click here for the study

Laxogenin reduces fat percentage, hydroxy-laxogenin increases muscle mass

A small study on the plant steroid-like substances Laxogenin & 5-hydroxy-laxogenine showed that both increase muscle mass and strength. However, while participants experienced the greatest increase in strength with 5-hydroxy-laxogenine, the participants who used Laxogenin were the only ones who enjoyed a decrease in fat as well. I will be keeping an eye on both as they may make it into one of my existing supplements or a new one in the near future.

Plant steroid study

Vitamin D and bodyfat levels 

A recent meta-study determined If you have low Vitamin D levels you’re more likely to be overweight. Optimal Vitamin D levels are also important for bone health, mood, and hormone balance. An optimal level is in the 60-80 range. I took my Vitamin D level from a low of 25 to an optimal 64 by using 10,000 iu of Vitamin D3. (I tested a year later so not sure how long it took to rise to 64). Many will wonder if sun exposure is enough and at least in my case it was not. I live in sunny Las Vegas and I am very active outdoors. Unless you are light skinned and expose a large amount of skin often, I doubt you will have optimal Vitamin D levels. Regardless, a blood test will access where you’re at so you’re not guessing.

Vitamin D Study

A lifestyle that simultaneously makes you leaner and fitter protects against cancer

Having high-level cardiovascular fitness not only helps prevent cancer in addition you’re more likely to survive cancer as well. One more reason to stay healthy and active to enjoy life fully.

Click here for the study

Dreams and mental health

Dreams may be an effective measure of mental health according to the results of a small study with 44 participants who tracked their dreams for a few weeks. If you have negative dreams often you’re more likely to suffer from anxiety and worry. Of course, you may have negative dreams due to all of the stress and anxiety in your life. In my opinion, taking charge of your life and living your truth will change your dreams to positive experiences rapidly as your subconscious mind will have less negativity to filter through.

Study on dreams


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