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Advice for keeping the immune system strong to avoid the coronavirus

The same measures I recommend to be healthy and thrive are the same things I recommend doing now.  For example, every day the news reminds us to wash our hands often, but this is something people should be doing already unlike many who use the men’s room and never wash their hands! (probably well over 50%). If possible try to avoid flying anywhere as airplanes and airports are nasty environments full of toxins where any virus can spread rapidly. It is not possible for everyone to avoid travel and being in crowded environments so make sure to incorporate the following tips into your regimen. 

  • Keep the immune system strong by mitigating excess inflammation. The more inflammation you deal with the harder your immune system is working and the more susceptible you are to becoming ill. Check out this article for more information
  • Take measures to clear out exposure to toxins. We live in a toxic world, and it is impossible to avoid exposure completely, but the tips in the following article are more important than ever to take seriously The negative impact of toxins on hormone balance and health
  • Make sure you’re getting high-quality restorative sleep every night. Now is not the time to try to thrive on four hours of sleep per night and drink copious amounts of coffee all day. Turn the news off, get off social media, and get some deep sleep every night by following the tips in this article Eleven tips to improve sleep quality
  • Finally, try not to get too stressed out. If you watch the news daily or follow the stock market you will think that the end of the world is imminent and that we are heading to a Mad Max world. Instead of rushing to Costco to load up on a year supply of toilet paper, take measures to mitigate excess cortisol levels. Excess cortisol levels weaken the immune system and make you more likely to get ill. Address high cortisol levels


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