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Aggressive Strength Q&A 11-9-2015: Ultimate pre-workout mix, The powerful benefits of SARMs, why you fail

I am looking for a pre-workout drink that is stimulant free. Do you have any recommendations?

You can make your own pre-workout drink by combining the following:

Three grams of Tyrosine,
Three grams of Citrulline malate
Five grams of Trans anayl glutamine
Two grams of Beta alanine
Five grams of Creatine monohydrate
Ten grams of Beetroot powder
400mg of Alpha GPC

This concoction is superior to everything on the market I have seen and is stimulant free.

For added benefit, take 2 caps of the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster and you will be flying through workouts. Take this mix about an hour before workouts and you’re welcome for the PRs!

You can put all of the ingredients in a blender with 10oz of water and 1/8 teaspoon of stevia for taste.

All of the ingredients (besides ASTB) are available at or  

What is your opinion on SARMs?

Selective androgen receptor modulators are a very interesting category of non hormonal performance enhancers.

I have played around with a few SARMs such as: Ostarine, Cardarine, and Nutrabol and so far I am very impressed. I gained around five pounds in six weeks on Ostarine without an increase in calories and also experienced a nice boost in strength as well.

Ostarine is also fantastic for alleviating joint pain and improving bone density which is the main reason I tried it as I have some issues with my left elbow.

I am currently using Cardarine which so far is working nicely and has numerous benefits to improve health and physique composition. Cardarine is not actually a SARM but is often sold with other SARMs. it is a PPAR modulator and is very powerful stuff for increasing endurance and fat loss.

I don’t feel any different on Cardarine until it is time to workout. Once the workout gets going, I have way more in the tank and notice a big boost in endurance. I especially notice it during sprinting workouts and I am currently up to fourteen all out 50 yard dashes (goal is 20 by the end of the year).

The research also shows Cardarine improves HDL cholesterol levels, lowers LDL cholesterol, and also ramps up insulin sensitivity by driving more glucose into the muscles instead of stored bodyfat. Basically, it has just about everything you would want for fat loss and is stimulant free.

Finally, Nutrabol is a growth hormone secretagogue that I am currently using as well. It ramps up the hormone grehlin which in addition to being a hormone which increases hunger, it is also a secretagogue for growth hormone.

I have not done any blood work yet to see if it actually increases IGF-1, but I can definitely say it increases grehlin! The first night I took it, I had a huge increase in hunger and actually had to wake up in the middle of the night to make a meal. Something I have never done before. The hunger was pretty potent for a few weeks but eventually subsided. It definitely improves deep quality sleep which is also important for optimal GH production.

Some of the research indicates that Nutrabol is great for healing old injuries and improving workout recovery which makes sense as a big increase in GH is definitely restorative. Thus, I am hoping it will help with some old injuries I have as well.

For more info on SARMS, go to: 

I recommend you do some extensive research before taking any SARMs and definitely talk to a knowledgeable doctor before moving forward.

I plan to have my friend Anthony Roberts on a future episode of the LLA show to have a thorough discussion on SARMs so make sure to subscribe to the show so you don’t miss it.

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I want to get in great shape in 2016 but just can’t seem to stay motivated. What can I do to stay on course?

You don’t need motivation if it is a goal you actually care about achieving. The reason why you give up so easily is you don’t genuinely care about being strong and fit. Regardless of the obstacle, if you have a burning fire to achieve a goal, you will blast though everything that comes between you and the desired outcome.

The problem arises when you pursue goals that someone else recommended or goals you think you should pursue, but don’t actually care about. Thus, you have to be brutally honest with yourself on what you actually want and more so what you’re prepared to do.

If you want to get stronger and improve fitness, you will find a way to bring both to fruition. If you don’t care about either, you will find out very early on and give up accordingly.

There is an immense amount of great information that is completely free all over the internet on how to pursue any fitness goal imaginable. Yet, few take advantage of the age of information dissemination and instead choose to complain and waste precious time.

When I actually want to achieve something, it becomes a burning desire that is on my mind constantly. I don’t need to write down my goals, recite affirmations, or will myself into action when the goals are important. Sure, we all have times where a nice boost of inspiration is appreciated and helps us dig deeper, but if you need constant motivation to stay the course, you are relying on a house of cards which will eventually crumble.

For a swift kick in the ass, check out the episode of the LLA show with Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle Is The Way at:  


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