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The problem with pursuing goals you don’t care to achieve

If you don’t have a burning fire to achieve a goal then its a goal that deep down you really don’t care about and therefore have little to no chance of achieving. Moreover, people don’t make immense changes until they’re fed up with their current situations. A casual attitude is not going to cut it. The idea of staying the same has to be nauseating. This is what motivates people to finally quit jobs they hate and pursue something they’re passionate about. The possibility of failing and having to go back to the previous existence is also a serious motivator that will help with staying committed and focused.  If you’re not ready to make dramatic changes then don’t expect anything significant to manifest. 

If you don’t awake with the goal on your mind with a plan of action on what you’re going to do to further measurable progress then the goal is going to continue to evade you. Inertia no matter how committed you are is always going to be there and it takes a strong will and desire to win the battle against inertia and blast forward. Otherwise, you will find yourself easily distracted by trivial actions such as wasting time on social media posting pictures all day long for likes and attention from people you will never meet. Binging on Netflix for several hours instead of allocating time to engage in education, physical training, or building your business. 

It’s not the fault of Netflix or social media that you’re so easily distracted. It is your fault for pursuing goals that you could care less about achieving. If you don’t care about achieving the goal then you will not be committed and inertia will win every time. 

One of the most common goals every new year is losing fat. Many come out of the gate ready to commit which is why gyms around the world are packed during the first week of January. However, during the second week of January, there is at least a 50% drop off and by the time you get to week three if not sooner, everything is back to normal meaning the only people left in the gym are people that were going consistently long before new years and will continue to be there long after new years as it is an integral part of their routines. These people are committed to the process and without a strong commitment to the process, you won’t last long enough to achieve any meaningful goal. 

Once you’re committed to a process it becomes a habit. New habits, however, are very difficult to implement. It takes at least ninety days to make a habit and only takes a matter of weeks or less to break the habit. If you quit after just a week or two you’re nowhere near the minimum timeframe for locking in the essential habits for achieving your goals. Why? Again it is not important so instead of going after what sounds good or what others think you should be doing, decide what is important to you and stop kidding yourself with pursuing what isn’t. 


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