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Make the First Quarter Count

“Just because you have done something does not mean you need to keep doing it.”—From The Film Casino Royale

Last month my website got over one million hits which is an all time record for my site! Thank you very much for visiting my site and supporting my business. I have an incredible life because of you and I appreciate it. Now it is time to return the favor with some tough love 😉

This year is going extremely fast and we are already in April! Having worked in the business world for many years I like to break the year down into quarters. In addition to having weekly and monthly goals I have quarterly goals. The quarterly goal is more valuable as you can always have a bad week or a bad month. However, if you have three bad months in a row, you are in trouble and need to make some serious mid course corrections before the next quarter is over.

I had a great first quarter financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I got engaged to the woman I love which is by far the most exciting part. My training has been off the hook and I was in the best shape that I have ever been in for my last DVD on fat loss and mental toughness. Speaking of my last DVD, it is selling better than any of my previous DVD’s and has only been on the market for a month! In addition, I have teamed up with my friends Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, and Nate Morrison to put on an incredible two-day kettlebell workshop in October in Las Vegas. This is the workshop that the four of us have always wanted to put on. We already have 23 people registered and only have space for seven more. The workshop was only announced last week! The people have spoken and we are going to deliver. My health is great, my family is doing well, and financially I had the best quarter for my business. Life is good and it is only getting better. I have many exciting opportunities on the table know and I am in a great place in life. Yet, enough about me, lets talk about you.

When it comes to business goals or for that matter any goal, the first three months of the year are critical. Most people are motivated on January 1 to make changes in life. You have the whole year ahead of you and have a chance to start fresh and mentally put the previous year behind you. It is a great feeling yet most people have little staying power and by January 15th, 90% of people have fallen off the goal wagon. By April 1, the year deteriorates into just another year and now one is on auto pilot once again on his way to wasting yet another year.

Work your ass off in the first three months of the year. Make as much happen as possible and you set up an incredible level of momentum for the rest of the year. Fail to do so and you play catch-up for the rest of the year. Sure you can turn it around and still have a great year. However, it is much harder. If you have already screwed up the first three months of 2007 then you know what I am talking about. What are you prepared to do now? Are you going to feel sorry for yourself, get back on the couch, and watch another eight hours of TV? Are you going to keep avoiding your workouts hoping that the fat magically falls off? Are you going to keep doing the same lame ineffective things for your business that you have done for the last three years? Are you going to continue to be risk adverse and keep viewing life as a spectator sport? Most of you have probably already answered yes to these questions subconsciously.

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It is often that little voice in the back of our head that tries to get us to do what is convenient rather than what is right for us. You try to get psyched up for a workout and that little voice says, “just take the day off, relax and start tomorrow.” You eat right for a week and then the little voice says, “one cookie is not going to hurt you, live a little and indulge.” You sit down to write an article for your website and the little voice says, “What is the hurry? What difference does it make if the article is done today or next week.” The longer the down time between thought and action the more likely you are to fail. I have friends in the business who pitch me on their great ideas all of the time. Several years later, nothing has happened and nothing had changed for them except they are older, less motivated, and more cynical.

Getting excited about an idea is easy. All of us come up with ideas all of the time for our personal life, professional life, training life, and spiritual life. Yet, few of us take these ideas to the action stage. An idea has a very short life span anywhere from minutes to hours. Again, the longer you wait to act, the less likely the idea is to live and thrive.

Action is the difference between success and failure. The more right actions you take the less likely you are to fail. Sure, you have to think things though before you act. Sure it is wise to consult with people you trust before you act. However, at some point it is time to shut up and get moving. When ever someone pitches me on an idea, I tell them to get going and then let me know when it is done. I can count the number of people on my hands that have actually followed through!

As cliché as it is to say, life is short. We only have so much time to become self-actualized beings and you should be ashamed of yourself for wasting even one day of your life. There are people all around the world that would love to be where you are and have your luxury problems. Forget about the guilt trip as that is not the point. The point is you have one life. Value it, live it, and do not let another quarter go by wasted. You owe it to yourself and everyone you know to live fully. Seize the moment!


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