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Go or No Go!

By Dr. William Wong ND, Ph.D., Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

This one will be short. The medical powers that “be” want those of us who are keeping ourselves healthy or trying to get healthy to be careful and not take too many vitamins and supplements. We are also told by the paternal powers that this is because supplements may hurt us. We need to take our supplements at the dosages they recommend (read command) or they say we’ll get sick. The doses they recommend of supplements are barely enough to keep the lab mouse they used to determine the RDA alive! Something is better than nothing isn’t it? Well, maybe not.

If we were taking antibiotics to kill an infection and the infection was still growing, we and the doc would know that either the dose of the anti biotic was not high enough or we were on the wrong drug. Things are that simple. With nutrients the thinking on dosing gets very cloudy. Recommended dosages vary depending on what researcher is doing the what experiment. For some drug company funded research on nutrients there is a hidden agenda to disprove the usefulness of that nutrient, (as has recently happened with Vitamin E and heart disease). The researchers may even be pushing a political agenda such as adopting the UN’s Codex Alimentarus as the law governing supplements in the US!

The simple matter is this, just as with antibiotics some is not better than none, some may be the same as none. There is a level below which antibiotics or any drug will have no physiological effect, they just don’t work and a level above which you get all the effects and they do work! The same holds true for nutrients, why physiologically would it be otherwise?

Those folks wanting us to take ever decreasing doses of nutrients do have a hidden agenda, they want to be able to say “look you might as well take drugs because the vitamins don’t work”. And at the levels of dosing that they have done their biased research with it’s for sure the supplements will not have worked. In the same vein, if they had done such biased research on the drugs they offer, at super low dosages, the meds would have been “proved” to not work either! Your taking supplements will cost the docs and the drug companies money! A healthy you costs medicine money in income not had (ie you won’t go visit them and do a lifetime of drug treatment)! If you can manage your heart ills with Co Q 10, magnesium and a strong hawthorne extract, you won’t need their drugs! Or manage your depression with herbs and exercise, less anti depressants will get sold. Think of the tens of thousands you alone will cost the drug industry over the course of your lifetime if you keep yourself healthy! Multiply that by the number of folks currently using alternative healing and nutrients and it runs into billions and billions not made by the legal drug cartels.

Then there are those who warn of the toxicity of taking too high a dose of this nutrient or that. “Vitamins, herbs and minerals can kill you” they claim. Considering that according to the July 1999 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine an average of 20,000 (18,000 to 22,000) Americans die of the regular use, not misuse of aspirin every year, the supposed deaths from things like ephedra which numbered less than 100 in 10 years or from that tainted batch of tryptophan which killed only 2 people in 1988, pale in comparison. Yet, do you hear any calls from congress for banning aspirin? Vioxx according to Dr. Graham of the FDA, killed some 59,000 people in the few years it was out and caused another 139,000 Americans to have strokes and heart attacks. But to cloud up the issue and take the focus away from their misdeeds the pharmaceutical companies and their lackeys in congress like Waxman and Durban, keep harping on how dangerous vitamins are and how we need to follow the UN guidelines. Most of you already know my opinion on how the UN’s Codex is out and out population control especially of seniors so I won’t rehash that fact.

So be informed, do your own research, and be very wary of “medical authorities” telling you that you only need such and such a dose of nutrients or that you don’t need them at all as long as you have a “balanced diet” (even the government can’t decide what that is)!

Stand up for your rights, stand up for your health, and remember that MD’s never study nutrition, neither have the lab eggheads from the drug companies, and when most of them are talking about nutrition (or hormones for that matter) they are talking through their hats! Their main concern is to have and keep you as a customer (also known as a patient), they don’t make any money from you if you don’t get sick and stay sick!

About the Author

Dr. Wong is the author of “The Best Natural Sports Medicine Book Ever” and “10 Natural Treatments You have Not Heard Of Until Now.” He is also available for phone consultations.


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