Weight Training for Size and Strength

Do you have any advice for breaking into high frequency strength training? 

For any barbell exercise start with 75% of your estimated one-rep max and for any kettlebell, dumbbell,

Ten tips you should be using now to improve training performance

1. Avoid momentum when doing any rowing exercise such as barbell bent over rows and one-arm dumbbell

10 Tips To Improve Your Workouts

Mike Mahler  1. Avoid momentum when doing any rowing exercise such as barbell bent over rows and

The Mass-Building, Split-Training Ultimate! Creating the Ultimate

By C.S. Sloan Within the last few weeks I’ve been receiving e-mails that go something like

The 3 Keys to Monstrous Muscle and Strength Gains

By C.S. Sloan Just the other day I received an e-mail from a reader of my articles. “Hey, Sloan,”

From Russia With Strength And Power

By C.S. Sloan For years, the countries of Russia and others from the former Soviet Republic have dominated

The Top Five Muscle Building Mistakes Skinny Guys Make

By Shannon Clark Struggling to gain weight? If you’re a skinny guy who just cannot seem to

Peary Rader Old-School Workouts: Three Kick-Ass Programs for Size and Strength

by Mike Mahler Many of today's trainees suffer from the notion that you have to put in hours of training,

Size and Strength Training for Generation Ent

By Mike Mahler In Part 1 of this series, I showed the entertainment-addicted youth of our nation —

Ask The Strength Coach With Strongman Legend Mark Philippi: Volume 1

I have a 12 year old son that plays several sports, but he needs to get faster. What is the best way

The Peary Rader Clean and Jerk Body Transformation Program

By Mike Mahler Legendary bodybuilding writer and founder of Ironman Magazine Peary Radar is well know

The Steve Reeves Workout for Size, Strength and Health

By Mike Mahler I'll be honest: I'm not a big fan of modern-day bodybuilding. It's gotten way out of

The Reg Park Workout For Serious Size And Strength

by Mike Mahler "Training is like life, you get your ups and downs, but if you think about your problems

Chest And Back Training For The Busy Trainer

By Charles Poliquin www.charlespoliquin.net I must say that I am very spoiled. I probably have of

How to Bench Press 500 Easy

By Louie Simmons Everyone strives for a goal, one of which may be a 500 bench. The problem is how do

Increase Size And Strength With the 3x5+ Program

By Mike Mahler I am a big believer in simple programs that emphasize compound exercises. Far too many

The Doug Hepburn Workout For Size And Strength

Reprinted from t-nation.com  Long before steroid abuse became common in the weight-training

When Life Gets Stressful, Turn To Back-up Training Programs

By Mike Mahler  You're two weeks into a killer training program and everything is going well.

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