Five Highly Effective Fat Loss Workouts For Busy People

Try the following workouts 2-3 times per week to take care of conditioning, support fitness, and assist in fat loss. I say assist as fat loss is at least 60% diet so don't think you can out run a donut! Get your diet in check and follow the tips in this article: Why you must optimize Leptin for rapid fat loss and hormone optimization

Workout #1: Sprinting   

After a a few warm-up runs at moderate intensity, execute six all out 50 yard sprints. Add an extra sprint every two weeks until you are up to ten sprints.   

Workout #2: Double Kettlebell Swings   

 After doing a few warm-up sets, complete six set of fifteen repetitions to chest level with one-minute breaks in between sets. You can do double swings outside the feet or inside the feet. Add a set every two weeks until you are up to ten sets of fifteen.   

Workout #3: Hindu Squats   

Complete six sets of 25 at a rapid but controlled pace. In other words no sloppy form at all. Follow the technique tips in the clip below. Take one-minute breaks in between each set. Work up to ten sets of 25. 

Workout #4: Circuit Training 

Complete five roudns of the following: 

Hindu Pushups 1x25 

Renegade Kettlebell Row 1x8 each side 

Hindu Squats 1x25 

One-arm Kettlebell Swing 1x15 each side 

Hanging Leg Raise 1x8 

Take 45 second breaks in between each exercise and 90 second breaks between each round. Increase reps and or decrease breaks to ramp up intensity. 

Workout #5: High Octane Cardio 

1 minute of jump rope work followed immediately by 15 kettlebell swings each side. Repeat for 10 rounds with one-minute breaks in between each round.







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