Fat Loss

Optimal Digestion for Health and Rapid Fat Loss

By Dr. Peter Rouse Ph.D, B.S, NMT It is an unfortunate fact that clients and patients that we are seeing

17 Rapid Fat Loss Tips

By Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson CFT, SSC, SPN At times simple items can be the most powerful

The Top Eight Reasons Why You Should Not Do Cardio For Fat Loss

By Shannon Clark If you were to survey 100 members of the ‘fat loss crowd’, I’m

Training Advice For The Entertainment Addict Generation

By Mike Mahler Most of us under 40 are addicted to entertainment. The younger you are, the greater

Five Strategies for an Iron Core

By Josh Henkin Core training is the cool term, from athletes to grandmothers, it seems everyone seems

Five Fat Loss Tips from Mike Mahler

By Mike Mahler Every January, millions of people make New Year's resolutions to lose fat and get healthier.

Interval Strength Training For Rapid Fat Loss

By Josh Henkin Let’s face it, fat loss is generally a primary goal for many programs. Athlete

Ten Reasons Why I Do not Do Aerobics

By Steve Maxwell I spend my days at a corporate gym. It's a sweet gig and a temporary livelihood. One

The Steve Maxwell Sledgehammer Workout For Serious Conditioning

By Steve Maxwell www.maxwellsc.com Maxwell's Silver Hammer: the perfect balance to the kettlebell Swing.Everything

Rapid Fat Loss Tips from Dan John

By Dan John Writing for magazines guarantees one thing: your email inbox is going to fill up. I get

Drop Set Training For Rapid Fat Loss

By Mike Mahler As stated in many of my articles and on my latest kettlebell fat loss DVD, the best

Why Do You Not Look like a Fitness Model?

By Krista Scott-Dixon Some time ago a reader emailed me to ask why I did not look like a fitness model.

Metabolic Power Training for MMA

By Alwyn Cosgrove For www.EliteFTS.com SLAM!!! The empty Mountain Dew can hit the table. “What’s

The End Of Painfully Boring Cardio Workouts

Mike Mahler When was the last time that you got excited about doing some cardio? Doing traditional

The Rounds Workout For Rapid Fat Loss and Muscular Endurance

By Mike Mahler I had a great time this past weekend teaching a fun kettlebell workshop with top strength

Inefficiency Training For Rapid Fat Loss

Looking for effective rapid fat loss training? Add inefficiency training to your regimen  By Mike

Experience Rapid Fat Loss with Kettlebell Circuit Training

By Mike Mahler I get asked often how to add kettlebell training to a standard barbell routine. There

Six Fat Loss Tips that You Can Use Today

By Mike Mahler  #1: Eat less often  Take longer stretches in between meals. Instead of eating

Five Highly Effective Fat Loss Workouts For Busy People

Try the following workouts 2-3 times per week to take care of conditioning, support fitness, and assist

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