Kettlebell Training In The Age of Quarrel

Time to develop extreme work capacity, take joint mobility to the next level, optimize hormones and brain health, achieve much needed stress reduction and restoration, and maximize the unique benefits of the versatile kettlebell!

5 DVD Course, over 12 hours of content

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Time to develop extreme work capacity, take joint mobility to the next level, optimize hormones and brain health, achieve much needed stress reduction and restoration, and maximize the unique benefits of the versatile kettlebell!

I have not even finished the "In the Age of Quarrel" Kettlebell Dvd but had to give a testimonial on the dvd. I am an IKFF certified kettlebell training so I loved seeing al ot of the exercises that I learned from Steve Cotter, Ken Blackburn, and Jason Dolby. This dvd is a must for any kettlbell lifter. This is the best information I have seen on Sport Kettlebell lifting. I also recommend this to any trainer who practices "Hardstyle" because a weak trainer is an ignorant or close-minded trainer.

Also the joint mobility and dynamic mobility drills are awesome for any martial artist of any style. This mobility training practiced on a regular basis would make an advanced martial artist much more dangerous.

I also recommend this for any personal trainer or strength coach looking to make them stand out as the best in comparison to the competition.

--Kyle Rourke NASM, IKFF, RKC, CST

Bonus #1: Free Report #1: Why you must optimize the CEO of all hormones for comprehensive hormone optimization for health and vitality. (a download link for the report will be emailed to you when you place your order)($19.95 value)

Bonus #2: Free Report #2: Optimizing Brain health for well being and incredible physical performance (a download link for the report will be emailed to you when you place your order)($19.95 value)

DVD Length: Twelve hours and thirty minutes

Lets get right to the point. This 5-DVD course with over twelve hours of incredible footage is worth many times more than what I am selling it for. In fact that is what people gladly paid to attend the course live. You really blew it by not attending the course but fortunately for you not all is lost. Now you have the chance to avoid making the same mistake twice by ordering the DVD course today.

I have never made a low quality product and this DVD set is no exception. There really is no need for you to read the lengthy ad copy below. Just click on the link below and place your order now. Then rest assured that you are making one of the most intelligent investment’s of your life and no I am not exaggerating. That is how good this DVD set is.

Course Overview: Why this DVD Course Is On The Market And Why It Is A Must Have For Your Collection

I am excited about the all star line up of in the trenches instructors that will be teaching at this course. Once you scroll down and see who is teaching at this course you will be purchasing the DVD set with the quickness.

Why should you buy this DVD set? If you are a trainer you will develop a much better understanding of effective kettlebell training. You will be able to provide much more value to your customers. If you are a trainee you will have a much better understanding on how to merge various styles of kettlebell training effectively for your particular goals.

In addition to the plethora of kettlebell information, as a tremendous bonus the Age of quarrel team covered information on the importance of agility training for mobility and athletic performance, animal based bodyweight training for serious conditioning, the incredible benefits of Indian club training for joint mobility, and the importance of optimizing sex hormones and why doing so starts with the CEO of all hormones as well as the brain.

I got started in kettlebell training back in 2001 and began my kettlebell focused training business in 2002. When I started my business there were probably not more than a hundred people that even owned kettlebells in the United States. Fast forward seven years later to the 2009 Arnold Classic which had hundreds of people competing in a kettlelbell sport competition.There are thousands of people that use kettlebells and hundreds of trainers that teach kettlebell training.

Back in 2002 there was only one major kettlebell certification course and now there are several certification courses. In 2002, there was only one DVD on kettlebell instruction and now there are too many to keep track off. Many trainers have jumped on the kettlebell bandwagon and kettlebell classes, workshops, and private lessons are now available all over the U.S. and overseas.

While the abundance of kettlebell information is great it is also problematic as the great deal of information that is out there can be confusing. Most people have jobs, families, and basically actual lives outside of training and the internet. They simply do not have time to go through all of the information that is out there. As a result they miss out on a lot of great material that is out there. Worse, there is a lot of crappy information out there and if you're not well researched you may end up with a kettlebell training system that is either not a fit or worse still one that could cause more damage than good. While the kettlebell is a versatile tool it is not a fit for everything. For example, some people teach Olympic lifting style moves with kettlebells and that is clearly not the way to go. Doing an explosive Olympic lifting style full clean to get a 35lb kettlebell into the rack position is both unnecessary and frankly pretty asinine.

It is time for a new DVD course with experienced kettlebell trainers that are familiar with the myriad beneficial uses of the versatile kettlebell. The only agenda will be to show you the most effective methods for getting maximum benefits from your kettlebell workouts. Whatever your goals are with kettlebell training, what you learn on this DVD course will accelerate your progress tremendously!

When I decided that I wanted to produce a DVD course on effective kettlebell training to cut through all of the confusion, I knew exactly which trainers I wanted to bring to the table. As someone that has been immersed in the kettlebell world for many years I have the good fortune of rubbing elbows with the best kettlebell trainers out there. Trainers that are dedicated, open minded, and industrious who have an unquenchable thirst for kettlebell training knowledge. Moreover, kettlebell trainers that are exceptional communicators so that you get the most out of their instruction.

Your 2009 line up for the Kettlebell Training In The Age Of Quarrel Workshop DVD Course is: Ken Blackburn, Steve Cotter, Jason Dolby, Andrew Durniat, and Mike Mahler. Many of you are likely familiar with some if not all of the trainers. However, for those of you that are not, lets give you a brief introduction to each trainer.

Meet the Kettlebell Training In the Age Of Quarrel Instructors

Ken Blackburn: Ken Blackburn is the Associate Head Instructor with the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation. Along with Head Instructor Steve Cotter they travel all over the world teaching workshops and their very popular instructor certification – The CKT (Certified Kettlebell Teacher) course.

A lifelong athlete and martial artist, Ken began seriously training with kettlebells after attending a workshop at his BJJ club with Steve Cotter several years ago. Always on the lookout for training that would enhance his athleticism, he immediately recognized the value in Kettlebells and has been training/teaching with them ever since.

Ken is one of the top American competitors in kettlebell sport and won the Chair Press at the World Championships in November, 2007 doing over 50 reps with two 70lb kettlebells.

I attended a kettlebell certification course that Ken taught with Steve Cotter in 2008. I was very impressed with Ken's teaching abilities. As Ken was teaching I was looking around the room to see how receptive the students were. It was very clear that they were having a great time and were learning a great deal. I knew that I wanted to work with Ken when the right opportunity came along. That opportunity is here and with it is an opportunity for you to learn from one of the best kettlebell instructors around. Ken is an incredible resource for kettlebell training as well as physical training in general. I have had the privilege of having many informative conversations with Ken on kettlebell training and he is a perfect fit for this DVD course.

In addition to covering a great deal of kettlebell work, Ken did an incredible job conveying the benefits of agility training. Not only will Ken's agility training improve your kettlebell game, it will improve any athletic endeavor, as well as enhance well being and health. You are going to be blown away.Ken weighs close to 250lbs and has the agility of a fit person half his age and bodyweight. You will be amazed with Ken's abilities and more importantly with his instruction. What he teaches has the power to improve the quality of your life dramatically. After all, lack of mobility seriously hampers your well being and must be addressed.

Steve Cotter: To say that Steve is enthusiastic about kettlebell training is to make the understatement of the year. Steve is always looking to improve his kettlebell game and share his journey and knowledge with his clients. Several years ago Steve was happy with his kettlebell strength and conditioning but wanted more. As a result, he took a trip to Russia to see how the professional kettlebell lifters train. Steve was blown away with what he saw. He saw incredible athletes doing over a hundred reps with 70lb kettlebells in the jerk and snatch. His thirst for kettlebell knowledge increased dramatically and has never stopped. Steve put together his own kettlebell certification a few years ago which has gone on to be very successful. He literally travels the world sharing his immense knowledge of kettlebell training and continues to seek out the best kettlebell information around.

I have known Steve for many years and his intensity and thirst for training knowledge is unmatched. How many people do you know who are willing to get on a plane and head to Russia to learn more about kettlebells? He is willing to do the intense research and put in the grueling hours of training and instruction that are critical to achieve mastery in any field. You get to benefit from his dedication and hard work and you will not be disappointed.

Steve did an outstanding job covering a variety of supplemental kettlebell lifts to improve the primary competition lifts (jerk, snatch, clean and jerk). Even if you do not have an interest in the competition lifts you will find the supplemental exercises extremely useful. Steve also taught an incredible section on animal based bodyweight exercises. This is some really cool material that is far from the run of the mill bodyweight exercises that you are used to seeing.Finally, Steve's warm-up exercises and chi kung workouts are a must see and something that you will want to add to your program right away.

Jason Dolby: With a diverse athletic background, including martial arts, football, rock climbing and backpacking, Jason has had experience with many fitness tools and conditioning modalities, but feels that the kettlebell reigns supreme. As a personal trainer and competitive kettlebell lifter, Jason feels that the kettlebell builds injury resistance, true endurance strength, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning all at once.

Aside from improving the health and wellness of the general public, Jason is currently bettering the mobility, conditioning, and athletic performance of firefighters, football players, kettlebell lifters, and MMA fighters. Jason states that "We were never designed to sit all day, whether at the desk, on the couch, in the car, or on a fitness machine! We were designed to move!” Credentials - IKFF (CKT), AKC, RKC, Z-Health (Level three), NASM (CPT), MBG (CNT).

In addition to being an outstanding trainer who is always looking to learn more to help his clients, Jason has a great deal of enthusiasm that is contagious. He is very genuine and an exceptional communicator. He uses a variety of training tools and is more concerned with showing his clients a variety of effective ways to train rather than getting tangled in myopic dogma.Jason is another rare trainer that is willing to put in the research and experience that is necessary to achieve mastery.

Jason did a great job covering how to personalize the kettlebell sport lifts to your unique body type. You will learn how to find the ideal rack position so you can get the most out of cleans, jerks, presses, and clean and jerks. In addition, Jason taught a mind blowing section on the benefits of Indian club swinging. Do not confuse this with clubbell training as this is an entirely different system with a much different focus. Indian club swinging is incredible for mobility and warming up for intense training. This ancient form of physical conditioning is something that you will be adding to your training after you see his masterful instruction on the DVD. That is a certainty!

Andrew Durnait: Andrew is a C.S.C.S and the owner of Andrew is an international kettlebell competitor and current American record holder for the single arm snatch (147 reps, 32kg). He is known for his combining Kettlebell lifting with the Olympic and Power lifts to create the ultimate in athletic potential.

His training has led him to be able to perform many famous strength feats and compete in ultra-endurance events. Andrew has served as an assistant lacrosse coach at the College of Wooster and was an All-American Defenseman in lacrosse at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Andrew is a regular instructor for world champion Valery Federenko's AKC certification course. He is another in the trenches instructor that has a great deal of experience as an athlete, as a trainer, and is very well researched.

When you meet Andrew in person and see his abilities in action as well as his outstanding instruction, you know that he is destined for great things as a trainer and as a strength athlete. Not only does Andrew compete in kettlebell sport competitions, he competes in strongman competitions and does very well at both. While he is well versed in kettlebell training for sport, Andrew also uses a variety of kettlebell exercises with his clients such as Renegade Rows, Turkish-get-ups, and kettlebell squat thrusts. He is an opened minded trainer that is always looking for methods to improve his own training and that of his clients. Andrew did a great job covering how to get the most out of the kettlebell snatch. As the best kettlbell snatcher in the US Andrew is the man to listen to. If you are tired of tearing up your hands and mediocre performance you are going to love Andrew's masterful instruction on mastering the kettlebell snatch. Andrew also did a great job covering the Kettlebell Clean and Jerk and his presentation on kettlebell and barbell juggling is a must see.

Mike Mahler: I have been into kettlebell training since 2001 and started my kettlebell training business in 2002. I taught kettlebell workshops all over the US from 2002-2008 and then decided to shift my focus to learn more about hormone optimization. While I no longer teach beginner kettlebell courses, I still love training with kettlebells and decided to shift my focus to bigger kettlebell events with more advanced material. This shift began in 2007 with the two-day workshop and subsequent DVD set: The Boys Are Back In Town. This workshop and DVD set was a huge success which lead me to my next production Collision Course in 2008. Both workshops not only furthered the dissemination of kettlebell information but showed how to enhance kettlebell training with other training systems (battling ropes, chi-kung, joint mobility, strongman training etc). Kettlebell Training In The Age Of Quarrel is my third big production and one that is very timely.

For the kettlebell training material on the DVD, I covered a variety of tips to improve your kettlebell military press, how to use kettlebells to develop explosive strength and power, and how to use kettlebells with a variety of other tools for a comprehensive training system. I also covered a section on optimizing hormones. . You are only as healthy as your hormones and this is information that everyone needs and that everyone can benefit from.Learn which hormone is the CEO of all hormones and why true hormone optimization starts with the leader

Two hundred Plus Reasons Why You Need To Order This 5 DVD Set Right Now!

  • Learn the ultimate system for developing structural integrity that makes you better at other forms of training
  • Mastering the kettlebell competition lifts for developing incredible work capacity.
  • How to find the appropriate one arm rack position for different body types! This may sound trivial but the difference it will make in your performance is mind blowing
  • In the kettlebell rack position should your palm facing be facing your chest or should it face away from your chest? Find out which one is a fit for you.This one makes a big difference in performance and efficiency
  • How to find a cadence so you can make every rep perfect and every rep explosive.
  • Finally: How to avoid tearing your hands on snatches! Tired of annoying blisters? Apply the catch and release method and they will be a thing of the past.
  • A special technique to add at least 10-15 reps to your personal kettlebell snatch best
  • The squat snatch for increased speed and power. An expert lifter used this to nail 180 reps with one arm with a 70lb bell in 9 minutes
  • How to double your reps on kettlebell military presses
  • The best kettlebell core exercise and how to do it for maximum benefit
  • How Indian clubs bring a breath of fresh air to the shoulder girdle and are a must for all kettlebell lifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders
  • Anatomical breathing vs. paradoxical breathing which one should you be using?
  • The chest bump to drive the bells overhead. Works great on presses, push presses, and jerks
  • Why hormone optimization starts with the leader of all hormones. If you do not optimize this hormone none of the others will fall in line
  • Why hormone optimization is really optimal energy production. The more energy you derive from food the better your hormone production will be
  • Why you must address insulin resistance, adrenaline resistance, and leptin resistance to lose fat and to optimize hormones
  • What breathing technique is best for people with high blood pressure
  • Ideal breathing technique when working with maximum weights
  • Learn which breathing style is best to start off with for Kettlebell swings
  • Learn the ideal breathing style for high reps and long sets
  • Why you never want to go into automatic pilotwhen doing work capacity training
  • How to step up to to the kettlebell for the ideal stance and positioning: sounds obvious but what you learn will surprise you
  • How to stay in a fluid motion and avoid over tensingfor maximum performance
  • Why gravity is your friend and how it applies to swings. why you must never fight against gravity
  • Should your arms be bent or locked out on swings?
  • Why you should let the bell "fall" and play follow the leader on swings
  • How to go with the flow and avoid pulling with the biceps
  • Why you should avoid letting the arm pull forward at the top of each swing
  • Why the best kettlebell lifters in the world are highly audible
  • Why you should come up on your toes on swings and snatches for extra power
  • What is the first thing to go on swings and how to address this weak link
  • When to exhale on swings and when to inhale
  • Why the shoulders should be elevated at the top of swings
  • Why the bell should be "coming up the chimney" on the way upon swings and snatches
  • A partner drill for instant self correctingon swings
  • The importance of the firing sequence. Why the calves should not be firing first.
  • Why you must avoid the "Pee Wee Herman" swing
  • Why "growing a tail" on one-arm swings must be avoided
  • What to do to save your grip. It all goes with the grip. Once your grip goes your set is over.
  • Why you should have a neutral head position during the entire duration of swing workLooking forward is not the way to go
  • Why the wrong technique will make the bell feel twice as heavyand how to avoid the common pitfalls
  • The more muscles you can get involved the better. Why the calves should come into play on swings and snatches
  • The importance of an active downswing and a a partner drill to develop it
  • The negatives of over gripping and why the arms should be treated as meat hooks on cleans, swings,and snatches
  • How to take advantage of the main driving force on swings and snatches
  • Why it is a mistake to do overhead pressing and pull-ups at the same workout
  • Techniques for getting more out of the knees and hips on kettlebell swings and snatches
  • How to get the quadriceps more into the swing to ramp up numbers
  • What to do with the non working arm to get the most out of the one-arm swing
  • The benefits of the "bend-straighten" method for swings
  • Why you should be using the kettlebell deadlift as an outstanding assistance drill for swings
  • The importance of creating a stretch reflex on the downward portion of the swing
  • Why there is no one way when it comes to swings and snatches:
  • The benefits of the squat swing and why it is perfect for football, soccer, tennis, basketball
  • The benefits of sprint swing setsfor fat loss and explosive power
  • What the lazy swing is and why it is a great drill for swimmers
  • Why when doing kettlebell training for work capacity you want to keep it in an aerobic phase
  • The numerous benefits of "resting" under a training load
  • Andrew Durniat breaking the world record for using the word "alright" in a three day period ;-) Just checking to see if you are reading all of the reasons to buy the DVD set.
  • How to regenerate energy when under stress
  • The importance of using postural muscles to relax under the load: how to do it effectively
  • Why you have to take the quads out of the equation when in the resting phase of a lift
  • The importance of getting the elbow to the hip. It can be done with one but not always two, what to do with two?
  • Why your center of mass should always be over the base of support
  • The ideal hand position on the kettlebell and why it should not be gripped like a dumbbell
  • Maximizing kettlebell clean technique and why the bell should be as close to your arm as possible.
  • Should you stand up with your chest out or in a rounded position on kettlebell cleans? the answer may surprise you
  • Kettlebell clean positioning: should your turn your palm forward or to the side slightly?
  • Youtube University may be great for free information. However, it is not the place to go to for learning kettlebell technique. Learn why
  • Why you need to find an individual position on the clean for your body type and comfort level
  • Why you need to relax when doing kettlebell work capacity training and look at it as a form of mediation
  • How to address energy leaks when training intensely
  • The difference between working at your current level of fitness and going way beyond it.Are you demonstrating strength or building it?
  • Why you should avoid "over the top" training on kettlebell cleans and snatches
  • Why you should use the techniques that the most successful athletes are using rather than the most successful marketers
  • How to use the trap to de-accelerate the bell for more control
  • Why you should grip the bell at the front cornersfor maximum control
  • How to load up the bigger muscles to save the smaller muscles: This one is key to getting the most out of kettlebell training
  • How to reinforce the proper trajectory on cleans to avoid shoulder injuries
  • Why you need to stay medialin a medial plane on cleans and snatches
  • The orbit concept: and why you want to learn and apply it
  • The importance of being active rather than passive with kettlebell training
  • How to determine the ideal amount of power to get the job done
  • Several follow along workouts for inspiration and motivation
  • Why there is no one true way. What works for one built will not work for others. Learn what works for your build
  • What the "Buddha belly" is and how to use iton cleans, jerks, and presses
  • The ideal stance for double Kettlebell workfor more power and control
  • The ideal hand position for kettlebell jerksfor applying the greatest amount of power
  • How to solidify a perfect lockout position
  • Why you must avoid the premature jerk and keep the bells in touch with the body for as long as possible
  • Common mistakes with the double dip on jerks and how to correct them
  • Why you should elevate your heals when lowering the bells
  • The benefits of support strength and how to develop it with jerks
  • The ideal groove for jerksand how to apply it
  • The time component vs volume component. The pros and cons of each and which one is a fit for your goals
  • The kettlebell hop for ideal loading
  • The importance of bringing your back into jerks and how to do it
  • The importance of rib cage expansion on push presses and jerks
  • What stretches to do after kettlebell jerk training
  • How you should grip the bells for jerks and where your fingers should be
  • The benefits of the false grip
  • A follow along double jerk workout for extreme motivation
  • Mental self talk tricks for better performance
  • Maximizing kettlebell clean and jerk technique (long cycle)
  • When to rest and when to re-clean on double clean and jerks
  • A Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk workout for motivation
  • How to grab the bell to start a snatch set. where your hand should be
  • Why the bell should be jumping back and forth on your handon kettlebell snatches
  • Where power is generated from and why the arm should be going for the rideon kettlebell snatches
  • How to avoid banging up your wrists on snatches once and for all
  • Why you should avoid casting over the top when you return the bell back to the starting position
  • Why you have to "let go" of the bell on snatchesto get the most out of it
  • The release and grab method to snatchesfor tremendous performance
  • How to achieve the ultimate goal of solid form on every repof the kettlebell snatch
  • Why you should lean back when lowering the bell from the topof each kettlebell snatch rep
  • Why you want the bell at a forty-five degree angle in the hand at the top of each rep
  • How to avoid forearm and grip fatigueso that your sets do not end prematurely
  • How to get the back to support the weight overhead as opposed to the weaker shoulders
  • How to take advantage of the "rest" position on snatches
  • How to bring your toes and traps into the equation for more reps
  • Why technique has to be modified based on where your strength and weaknesses are
  • What swing and snatch to use for strongman training vs kettlebell sport
  • Swings as the ultimate grip exercise. Many make the mistake of taking it out too soon. You can never get better than the basics.
  • What exercise to bring in when your snatch is going nowhere
  • The five basic exercises that the strongest men and women have done and why you should be doing them if you want to get really strong.
  • What the stacked rack is and when to use it to ramp up work capacity and structural integrity
  • Setting up a sensible, workable program using kettlebell sport as a template
  • Defining a goal and setting up a process for achievement
  • A Talk about psychology of speed--the Think Fast Method (TM)
  • Auxiliary drills to improve kettlebell competition lifts.
  • How to incorporate competition lifts and timed sets into sport specific training (powerlifting, strongman, martial arts)
  • The benefits of timed sets and the pros and cons of ten minute sets (marathon sets) vs. three minute sets (sprint sets). Which one is a fit for you based on your training goals
  • The benefits of pressing for time
  • The benefits of kettlebell juggling for eye-hand coordination, combative striking, and as warm-ups and cool downs.
  • Been training with kettlebell for years and getting bored? What you can do to keep kettlebell training fun, engaging, and effective
  • Power kettlebell training: How to work up to heavier kettlebells for power and strength.
  • Kettlebell training for fitness vs. kettlebell training for sport.
  • The benefits of heavy one-arm and double KB work for a variety of goals
  • The connection between flexibility and strength with emphasis on the hips, shoulders, and spine.
  • The psychology of strength & flexibility
  • How to use kettlebell to develop tremendous explosive power.
  • Variations on the Double Swing and and how to work up to these advanced exercises with heavier bells.
  • When to relax and when to apply tension to improve kettlebell pressing
  • A great kettlebell back exercise which is the ultimate kettlebell core exercise
  • The one-arm double KB bent over row for a strong back and viscous grip
  • Effortless motion training: why you should be able to move in every direction pain free and how to get there
  • The importance of training your body as a system
  • Why you must train with the mind as the commander
  • What you should do instead of thinking about how to do a particular exercise to get the most out of it
  • How to use your mind to get your body to do what it is supposed to do
  • How to break through exercise range of motion limitations
  • How to warm-up to prepare the body and mind for rigorous training
  • Why plyometrics should never be in a beginner's program.
  • The difference between a fast person and an athletic person and why you must master all three phasesof movement
  • Where your center of mass should be when moving and where it should be when changing directions
  • Quick feet and quick development exercises
  • The importance of flexible hips for athletics and how to get there
  • How to move and check someone effectively.
  • Animal based bodyweight exercises: The Foundation of martial arts training.
  • How to integrate the energy in your mind with the energy in your body
  • The importance of mastering concepts rather than trying to duplicate exercise technique
  • How to integrate power into movements and developing full body power
  • How to use your spinal cord to develop power
  • Bodyweight exercises for shock absorption and developing power from the core
  • How to use the thorax to gain more power in movements
  • Bodyweight exercises for developing pelvis power
  • Bodyweight exercises for developing flexibility in the hips and lumbar
  • A killer bodyweight exercise for developing strong calves
  • Why there is more bad performance of exercises than actual bad exercises
  • The importance of mastering the bodyweight squat before adding resistance
  • Proper mechanics to maximize squatting
  • Squatting trouble shooting: The three areas of limitation and how to address them
  • The ideal trunk extension for squatting
  • How to develop spinal flexibility for squatting
  • The best squatting exercise for mobility
  • Why you should be focusing on the overhead squat
  • Three progressions of overhead squatting that you want to master
  • Where to look when squatting for maximum performance
  • The benefits of the hands together overhead squat
  • How to determine weak links in the squatting chain
  • The benefits of the wall squat and why you should be doing it
  • The overhead wall squat for maximizing strength and flexibility
  • Your lack of range of motion is crushing your strength potential. Learn what you can do about it
  • How to get into a more upright position to get the most out of squats
  • Why thoracic mobility and ankle mobility must be addressedto get the most out of squats
  • What kettlebell squat is great for beginners for for warming up before workouts
  • An inspiring leg workout that will motivate you to push it hard at your next workout
  • An exceptional stretching routine to do after every squat workout
  • A refreshing Chi Kung follow along workout to recovery adequately after workouts and for stress reducton
  • Why we need to nourish our energy not just our bodies
  • Why we need to balance the system by doing deep breathing for organ health: liver, spleen, gall bladder
  • Why giving yourself an internal massage via deep breathing is vital for organ health
  • How to turn the parking breaks off for increased mobility and agility.
  • Agility training to take joint mobility to the next level.
  • The central nervous system benefits of joint mobility
  • What exercises to do for physical training preparation
  • Why joint mobility allows you to express strength. If you are injured you cannot express strength, if your joints locked out you cannot express strength
  • Tired of shoulder pain? Learn the tea cup drills for serious shoulder mobility
  • What all of the best lifters in the world have in common besides great genetics
  • How to turn agility work into serious athletic conditioning
  • Combining agility drills together for time. Learning how to work with visual and auditory cues.
  • The benefits of Indian club training: taking joint mobility to the next level
  • How to avoid tensing up with Indian club training and develop full body relaxation
  • Indian Clubs are the ultimate for restoration training which everyone needs
  • Ramp up the effectiveness of warm-ups and cool-downs with Indian club training
  • The "water stone" method and why Indian clubs helps with water
  • Indian club training will allow you to save money on physical therapy by avoiding injuries
  • Benefit from the neurological carry over of Indian Club training to training and athletics
  • Indian Club training the ultimate for opening up the joint
  • Why the last rep of your set should look just like the first rep
  • Supplements that help you get more energy from food for optimal function
  • The only supplement that has ever been proven to lower cortisol levels and where to get it
  • An inexpensive amino acid that ramps up protein synthesis big time. Add it to every meal and enjoy the benefits
  • Why you need to stretch out the time in between each meal for optimal fat loss. 5-7 meals is not the way to go and will ultimately make you more fat.
  • Why you must optimize brain function for optimal physical performance
  • Inexpensive minerals that you should be taking. A deficiency in one of these minerals can cut your testosterone production in half!
  • The importance of stress management when it comes to optimizing hormones and the one area that must be addressed for true hormone optimization

The Kettlebell Exercises that are covered in meticulous detail on this 5 DVD set

Advanced tips and exhaustive instruction to improve the following basic exercises. You are not getting the most out of these exercises now! That will change after you apply the incredible information on this DVD course:

  • One-arm Clean
  • One-arm Swing
  • One-arm Snatch
  • One-arm Jerk
  • One-arm Clean and Jerk
  • Double Clean
  • Double Jerk
  • Double Clean and Jerk
  • One-arm KB Military Press
  • Double KB Military Press
  • Push Press
  • Advanced Renegade Row
  • One-arm Double KB Bent-over Row
  • Double Swing
  • Double KB Front Squat

Bonus Material! In addition to all of the Kettlebell Training, you get all of this additional info:

In addition to the vast amount of kettlebell training information that will be conveyed at the course, we are going to go one step beyond to make this an incredible comprehensive health and fitness course. Each of these bonus sections will improve your kettlebell training and overall health. Here is what each instructor will be covering:

Ken Blackburn: The Importance Of Agility Training For Optimal Athletic Performance And Overall Well-being

What is agility? Agility is the ability to move effortlessly. It is the ability to change direction without slowing down, losing balance, or losing control of your body. In addition to making you a better athlete, agility makes you simply feel better overall. After all, it is not farfetched at all to say that agility and overall happiness go hand and hand. When you wake up in the morning stiff as a board it is difficult to be energetic and enthusiastic about attacking the day with zeal. The better you can move the better you will feel and when you feel better you will get more out of your life across the board. Effortless movement is critical for overall health and athleticism and is far too often overlooked by trainers and trainees alike.

Here are some of the key benefits of Ken's agility training material

  • Improve mobility and flexibility

  • Develop joint health and freedom of movement

  • Enhance athleticism while simultaneously improving conditioning

  • Train the body to perform and respond in a spontaneous/instinctual manner

  • Develops a high level of body/kinesthetic awareness

  • Teaches movement patterns and skill that are congruent with any sport

  • Learn how to effectively transition from the ground to standing and condition your body to handle these transitions

  • Overcome the body’s fear response

  • Simultaneously train all physical attributes in short duration of time

Here are the actual agility exercises that you will learn at the course:

Ground Mobility Drills

Deck Squat

Deck Squat w/vertical jump

Deck Squat w/jump for distance

Deck Squat into pistol

Burpee (also known as the squat thrust)

Burpee, jump, straight legs

Burpee, jump, knee tuck

Burpee, jump w/one knee tuck (flying knee)

Burpee w/rotations (Clock drill)

Burpee w/rotations w/above jump variations


Mountain Climbers

Mountain Jumpers


Handstand against wall

Handstand into forward roll

Backward roll into handstand

Agility combinations exercises

Deck squat, burpee

Deck Squat, burpee, jump w/straight legs

Deck Squat, burpee, jump w/knee tuck

Deck Squat, burpee, jump w/one knee tuck

Deck Squat, burpee w/rotations

Deck Squat, burpee, rotations w/above jump variations

Deck Squat, burpee, grasshopper

Deck Squat, burpee, mountain climbers

Deck Squat burpee, mountain jumpers

Handstand preceding all of the above combinations

Additional 5 step variations – ex. handstand, deck squat, pistol, deck squat, burpee

Agility combinations integrating kettlebell

Ground mobility w/kettlebell:

Deck squat w/kettlebell

Burpee w/kettlebell

Deck squat, burpee, k-bell ballistic (swing, clean and snatch) combinations

Timed Sets with and without kettlebell

Timed sets of the above working on structured combinations

Timed sets of the above but responding to external cues – partner’s verbal commands (auditory responsiveness) and partner’s movement commands (visual responsiveness)

Steve Cotter: How to harmonize all the individual attributes of physical training with animal based bodyweight exercises:

Are you an animal? This is not a philosophical question, it is a physiological question. You have a body and you move, so how do you wish to move it?

The study of animals is as old as man's presence on earth and as old as the combat arts. Early civilizations studied the wildlife to and some, such as the Chinese, adapted whole systems of movement based on mimicking the movements and characteristics of the predators and other aggressive animals such as the tiger, hawk, serpent, monkey, horse, eagle, bear and others.

As human being, we don't have sharp fangs and strong claws and most of us do not weigh 500 or 1,000 lbs. So we can't use all the same natural weapons in defense that the wild animals have. However, as humans we possess intellect and consciousness and the ability to understand. These animal systems teach how to use the body and the mind together to develop integrated, comprehensive movement.

In the wide range of strength and conditioning, there are many physical attributes one must learn in order to maximize ability and physical potential: strength, speed, balance, power, flexibility, mental acuity and more.

What the animal based movement systems teach us is how to harmonize all the individual attributes of physical training.

In this course you will learn how to move and be an animal, the fluidity, poise, grace and agility of a bird of prey, the tenacity, power and intention of the tiger, the raw strength of the bear and more.

Here is a list of some of the exercises you will be learning:

Tiger: exercises to strengthen the spine and the integration of upper and lower body together to develop full-body power

Monkey: light and quick, agile and mobile, here one moment and gone the next

Serpent: flexible, rotational power, connected to the ground to be strong and stable

Horse: power from the ground up, like the gallop of a stallion as the power courses through the whole body

Birds of prey: the chicken, eagle, hawk and crane all have different strengths, agility, strong talons, mobility and powerful wings, strong legs

In this course, Steve Cotter will bring you the wisdom of the ancient martial arts masters and you will move your body like an animal and train your mind with the steel focus and tenacity of a predator.

Jason Dolby: Take joint mobility to the next level with Indian Club training

Years ago, British soldiers stationed in India were so intrigued by the benefits of club swinging that they brought the ancient art home with them and introduced itto Europe. Later, in the mid 1800's, European immigrants brought the clubs to the United States, where they became part of our schools physical educationprograms as well as a staple in our military's physical readiness training. The interest in club swinging seemed to disappearin the states around 1920, due to the up rise in sports and athletic games. It is great to see the art ofthe Indian club rising again. We can all benefit from the ancient brilliancethat swinging.

Indian Club training key points

  • Training with Indian Clubs will bring countlessbenefits to any athlete of any sport
  • Indian and Persian warriors were using these clubs thousands of years ago.They are still here for a reason, they work
  • Indian Clubs will savetime in your warm up andallow more time for your kettlebell or strengthtraining programs.
  • One of the most effective ways to mobilize multiple joints at once and prime your nervous system for serious training
  • The Club exercises are perfect for preparing the shoulder girdle for all that the kettlebell will be demanding of it
  • Indian Clubs can be usedto warm up, warm down, or for a well rounded workout on their own
  • Burn tons of calories on the days that you don't feel like heavy kettlebell or weight training.

The Benefits of Indian Club Training

  • The natural arching motions build non-linear strength
  • The dynamic traction created by the moving clubs will help create freedom in stubborn connective tissue
  • Achieve better focus and athletic awareness through practicing the complex movements
  • Help increase your circulation
  • Gain new range of motion in the frontal, sagital, and transverse planes
  • Indian Clubs are excellent for developing dynamic strength, fluidity, and coordination in young children, before weight training is appropriate
  • Think pre-hab instead of rehab, use the clubs regularly to save medical and physical therapy bills
  • The Indian Clubs will help assist in bettering your postural alignment and structural integrity
  • Scapula mobility
  • shoulder mobility
  • elbow mobility
  • wrist mobility
  • hand mobility
  • thoracic spine mobility
  • lumbar spine mobility
  • cervical spine mobility
  • Help prevent shoulder issues such as: sprains, strains, dislocations, separations, bursitis, arthritis, impingements, instability

Here are just a few of the many areas that will be strengthened through Indian Club swinging

  • Rotator Cuff

  • Lats

  • Rhomboids

  • Deltoids

  • Triceps

  • Biceps

  • Forearms

  • Pecs

  • Erectors

  • Core

Andrew Durniat: Barbell and kettlebell Juggling

You will be blown away by Andrew's Barbell and kettlebell Juggling demonstration. While many like to refer to such forms of training as stupid human tricks, the strongest men and women in the world are more open minded and understand the value of keeping training fun and interesting. Sure you can never go wrong with the basics and that is where your focus should be. However, there is nothing wrong with spicing your workouts up and having fun with them.

Mike Mahler: The Importance Of Optimizing Sex Hormones For Well Being And Vitality

Our hormone levels are just not the same as the last generations hormone levels? Hormone decline is impacting people of all ages and we must fight back as we are only as healthy as our hormones. Personally, I know what it is like to have hormones that are far from ideal and I know what it is like to have hormones in the ideal ranges and trust me there is a huge difference between the two. Once you learn how to optimize your hormones you will never want to lose the tremendous feeling of well being and vitality that comes with it.

Hormone Lecture and Free E-book information

  • Why hormone production is essentially energy production. The more energy you get from food the more energy you have for optimal hormone production.
  • The connection between leptin resistance and low testosterone and low growth hormone levels
  • Supplements that help you extract more energy from food.
  • The importance of optimizing the four main neurotransmitters for brain health. Optimal hormone production starts in the brain. Forget about optimizing sex hormones naturally without addressing brain health.
  • The importance of boosting the neurotransmitter Dopamine in order to start the day energized and ready to take charge.
  • Tired of having a low sex drive? A healthy sex drive is not just about optimal testosterone levels. Learn what neurotransmitters must be optimized for a healthy sex drive.
  • The importance of the neurotransmitter aceytlcholine for brain speed and memory.
  • Are your low levels of the neurotransmitter GABA causing unnecessary anxiety and impeded fat loss? Find out why GABA is important and how to boost it with your diet.
  • Why optimal serotonin levels are critical for well being and why your low serotonin levels are derailing your fat loss program every time.
  • Why tea and lots of it should be a staple in your diet every day for well being, brain health, and optimal fat loss.
  • Want enhanced physical performance? If yes then you need to optimize brain health
  • Why focusing on optimizing one hormone without taking all of the others into account is a big mistake. If you want optimal testosterone levels then you also need optimal pregnenelone, DHEA, androstendione, and progesterone levels.
  • The Strong connection between magnesium and optimizing hormones
  • A potent anti-oxidant supplement that everyone should be taking. This supplement helps with insulin sensitivity, is a natural aromatase inhibitor, and is a potent immune system enhancer.
  • Why having optimal DHEA levels is important and what mineral ramps up DHEA levels big time
  • Why every discussion about hormone optimization must start with optimizing the hormone Leptin
  • Are you using caffeine as an energy source? Why this is not the way to go and how to develop real energy instead of the illusory energy.
  • The importance of managing stress and why any hormone optimization program will fail without adequate stress management
  • Why the stress hormone cortisol is misunderstood and essential for well being and energy.
  • Why very low carb diets will ultimately make you fat and feel terrible.
  • Why you must have a balance of protein, fat, and carbs at every meal
  • Why every kitchen should have a spice rack and why you should have several spices at every meal. Not only does this make every meal taste better, it makes every meal a super meal. Learn why at the workshop.
  • The benefits of plant sterols and what foods to eat to load up on them at every meal.
  • Why you want to load up on foods that are rich in antioxidants at every meal and how to make it happen

Frequently Asked Questions To Squash Objections

Q: I am not an advanced kettlebell trainee is this DVD set a fit for me?

A: While this is not a beginner focused DVD set, beginners will find the information very useful. If you are looking for a basic introduction to kettlebell training you can choose my beginner workshop DVD. However, if you want to squeeze out every tip possible for getting the most out of kettlebell training then this DVD set is a must have. Moreover, you will love all of the bonus information that will increase the quality of your life.

Q: Is this a boot camp-style DVD in which we are watching people work out or is it instruction based.

A: We decided to show a good amount of both on this DVD. It certainly has a great deal of instruction. However, rather than cut out all of the actual training, we thought that you would find it inspiring to see some actual workouts as well. These workouts are great for motivation and inspiration. This really is a fun DVD to watch and when you are having fun you simply will stay more engaged and learn more.


Q: I want to lose fat, gain energy, and have a healthy sex drive--should I buy this DVD?

A: Yes, again you could not ask for a better DVD. You will not be disappointed.

A: What's satisfaction guaranteed policy?

A: Buy the DVD and check it out. If you are not satisfied with the material then send it back within 30 days for a hassle free full refund.

Q: I'm not sure if I should buy the DVD set--can you convince me?

A: If over 25 pages of informative ad copy has not convinced you then lets not waste each other’s time. I do not have the illusion that this DVD is a fit for everyone and frankly I think that that the masses are not even close to taking charge of their lives and benefiting from the incredible material on this DVD.

Q: Can I email you guys if I have any questions regarding the material?

A: Yes, we welcome your questions and want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. We value your business and do not take your time and money lightly.

Q: What format is the DVD in and will it work on international DVD players?

A: It is in DVD/video format and will work on all players.

Tired of fitness products that look for the lowest common denominator? I am and that is why The Kettlebell Training In The Age Of Quarrel DVD Course is my commitment to excellence. Now it is time for you to make a commitment to excellence to yourself

We live in a minimalist society in which people are looking for the lowest common denominator and act accordingly. We see it in movies, television shows, music, customer service, restaurants, and on and on. I do not know about you but I am fed up of it. I hate that anti-climatic feeling that comes when you look forward to something and then end up disappointed that it did not live up to your expectations. This is why I am committed to excellence with my business and life. I never want my customers to feel that terrible anti-climatic feeling with any of my products. I am prepared to apply the deliberate hard work that is necessary to produce excellent products. I do not want to meet the lowest expectations of my customers, I want to exceed the highest expectations of my customers. This is why I find the best instructors for each production. Without top-notch instructors it will be impossible to acquire the best material. We have all seen well produced fitness DVD's with poor material. On the other hand, high quality instruction with low quality production is an insult to the customer.

I have the utmost respect for my customers. Without them I would not have the great living that I have. As a result I have an obligation to people that have supported me over the years to produce not only DVD's with high quality instruction, but exceptional production. Fortunately, I have an in house production team via my brother Roger. To say Roger is committed to excellence would be the understatement of the year. He will burn the midnight oil for as long as it takes to produce the highest quality product possible. Those of you that purchased The Boys Are Back In Town Kettlebell Workshop DVD and Collision Course Workshop DVD already now this. His commitment to improving with each subsequent product shows clearly on the Age Of Quarrel DVD.

DVD Length: Over Twelve Hours

This DVD will exceed your expectations and you will not have that anti-climatic feeling that you often have with other products. If for the off chance reason you are not completely satisfied, you can send the DVD set back for a hassle free refund. However, do not even bother purchasing this DVD unless you are committed to excellence yourself. If you are a minimalist when it comes to getting the most out of your training and life then this product is not for you. If I am committed to excellence then I expect you to be committed to excellence as well. If you are committed to excellence then this DVD is a perfect fit for you. If you want to be committed to excellence and need inspiration then look no further. It is right here.

NOTE: This DVD course will be sent to you in the mail. It is not a digital download. You will however receive an email to download the bonus reports right after you place your order.

I have not even finished the "In the Age of Quarrel" Kettlebell Dvd but had to give a testimonial on the dvd. I am an IKFF certified kettlebell training so I loved seeing al ot of the exercises that I learned from Steve Cotter, Ken Blackburn, and Jason Dolby. This dvd is a must for any kettlbell lifter. This is the best information I have seen on Sport Kettlebell lifting. I also recommend this to any trainer who practices "Hardstyle" because a weak trainer is an ignorant or close-minded trainer.

Also the joint mobility and dynamic mobility drills are awesome for any martial artist of any style. This mobility training practiced on a regular basis would make an advanced martial artist much more dangerous.

I also recommend this for any personal trainer or strength coach looking to make them stand out as the best in comparison to the competition.

--Kyle Rourke NASM, IKFF, RKC, CST

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