UK Event! The Importance of Optimizing Hormones Course at Koru Gym on April 7, 2019

I have been obsessed with the field of hormone optimization since 2005. I have dealt with depression for most of my adult life and it wasn’t until I learned about the importance of optimizing hormones that I was finally able to keep the depression in check and more importantly have a consistent great mood and feeling of thriving. 
In my late twenties, I experienced a convergence of several stresses which killed my sex drive and function. In fact, I experienced erectile dysfunction for several years and did not resolve the issue until I got my hormones in balance. Moreover, the stress overload I experienced nearly killed me when I developed a serious case of pneumonia. 
Since then I have been on a mission to learn as much as I can to optimize hormones not only for myself but to help others as well. At 45 I feel better than ever. Not only am I stronger in the gym, but I am stronger with everything life throws at me, and even more compassionate as a result of addressing my own hormone imbalances. I know exactly what it feels like to have a poor hormone profile and what it feels like to have an optimal profile and the difference is dramatic, to say the least. 
Despite the proliferation of health and fitness information, people today are experiencing depression at unprecedented rates and never in the history of humankind have the masses been as obese and unhealthy as they are today. Many are miserable and motivational posts on Instagram, attending success seminars, and just trying to think positive is not going to cut it. Walking on hot coals is not going to lead to any meaningful breakthroughs and hugging strangers at a seminar is not going to improve the quality of your life. What you need is an optimal hormone profile so you naturally feel driven, focused, ambitious, and ready to crush it. 
To a large extent who you are and how you feel is heavily predicated by your hormonal profile. Hormones have far more effect on how we think and feel than the other way around.  When things are in the right balance you’re much more likely to feel positive, have excellent concentration, a high sex drive and function, and a willingness to take on challenges and reach your full potential. You’re more likely to derive superior results from physical training and won't need to rely on high stimulant pre-workout drinks to get through intense sessions. 
At this course, you’re going to learn about the importance of hormone optimization and more importantly what you can do to start optimizing your own hormonal profile. While there are over one-hundred hormones in the body, we are going to focus on the ones that have the most impact on the quality of your life, physique composition, mood, strength, and health. if you want to get stronger as you get older, build more muscle, lose fat, improve brain health, increase libido, and simply feel fantastic this course is a must for you and yes it is both for men and women. 
I am extremely fired up to do this course and if you have ever attended my kettlebell seminars in the past and thought I was intense, you're going to see a new level of intensity and ferocity. I can't wait! 

What you will learn at the course and why you must attend 

  • Why being overly pedantic with macronutrient intake is a mistake and what you should prioritize instead.
  • Why comprehensive hormone optimization starts with a satiety hormone that is produced in fat cells
  • Road rage, easily angered, temper issues? What hormone you're likely dominant in and what to do about it. No, it is not testosterone or estrogen. 
  • The connection between adrenaline dominance and high blood pressure. 
  • What hormone helps bring down excess adrenaline levels so you can relax and get quality sleep. 
  • What to do about the thousands of toxins we are exposed to daily that have deleterious consequences for our health and hormone balance.
  • The foods with the highest levels of toxins that wreak havoc on your health.
  • Why you will never lose excess fat and keep it off until you address the toxins in your body and environment. 
  • The three toxins to avoid that have a negative impact on testosterone levels and overall health. 
  • What to do about the hundreds of chemicals you are exposed to daily 
  • Things you use on a daily basis that you think are innocuous but lead to a toxic burden. 
  • The most potent sources of hormone-disrupting solvents. 
  • The best options for drinking water to avoid taking in more toxins. 
  • The food sources that are the most potent source of fat-soluble toxins. 
  • Why you keep losing weight but can never keep it off and gain back more fat. 
  • Why dieting without detoxing heavy metals and other chemicals is futile. 
  • The connection between mitochondria, cell health, and hormone optimization. 
  • if you're overweight and suffer from a variety of ailments you have a toxic burden. What to do about it. 
  • The leading sources of hormone-disrupting chlorinated pesticides. 
  • Common fruits and veggies that are very high in toxins and what to do about it. 
  • The least toxic plastics and the most toxic plastics to avoid. 
  • Supplements and foods that help with clearing out toxins. 
  • The importance of gut health and how it affects optimal hormone production. You will never achieve hormone balance or vitality with poor gut health. 
  • If you’re not getting adequate sleep you’re not producing hormones optimally. What you can do to improve sleep quality to get into the most restorative states. 
  • The importance of the hormone in fat cells that communicates with the brain to determine energy expenditure for a metabolic rate as well as sex hormone production. 
  • A hormone that lets us know when to stop eating so we can avoid nutrient spillover in which calories go to stored body fat. 
  • The hormone that instructs the thyroid to slow down when it is not working properly. 
  • Why going on low-calorie diets is destructive to ideal hormone production and balance. 
  • The pros and cons of low carbohydrate diets in relation to overall hormone optimization 
  • Why low-fat diets are a big mistake.
  • The truth about phytoestrogens and why they are not the same as actual estrogens.
  • The havoc alcohol consumption has on hormone optimization.
  • Does marijuana use lower testosterone and growth hormone levels? 
  • Optimal meal timing for digestion and hormone production.
  • What you can do to improve digestion that doesn’t cost a thing. 
  • A form of intense training you should be utilizing that has been shown to increase both growth hormone as well as insulin and leptin sensitivity. 
  • High levels of this hormone increase inflammation which is one of the root causes of many diseases. 
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting for several key hormones but why it is also not the best option for training performance. 
  • An oil that is available at every grocery store which has been shown to convert cholesterol into testosterone in the testes. 
  • Two tablespoons of this right before meals have been shown to improve post-meal glucose levels as much as the diabetic drug Metformin. 
  • This hormone is important but when it stays up for too long it has a negative impact on the signaling hormone LH which in turn has negative consequences for testosterone production. 
  • If you have excess fat in the glutes and hips you have high levels of this hormone. Learn how to get it in check. 
  • High levels of this inflammatory hormone will, in turn, cause high levels of the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. More stomach fat and difficulty building muscle and losing fat will follow. 
  • The hormone responsible for driving nutrients into the muscles, liver, and cells. Just enough improves health and anabolism while too much production of this hormone turns you into a fat storage machine. 
  • The ultimate restoration hormone that improves workout recovery, sleep quality and healing from injuries. 
  • Why healthy aging is impossible to achieve with a deficiency in this hormone 
  • The hormone that helps both men and women become more strong-minded, assertive, decisive and calm. 
  • Are you experiencing muscle loss, fatigue, anxiety, and stress? Learn about the hormones that can help you turn it all around. 
  • Do you get sick often? Hormones support a healthy immune system and will help you become more resilient. 
  • Why hormones can have far more influence on how you think and feel than the other way around. 
  • The ultimate stress management hormone that also helps with addressing the much maligned and all too common stomach fat syndrome. 
  • The most important hormone for brain health. 
  • Hormone conditions that lead to hair loss and what you can do about it. 
  • Hormones that improve hair growth and thickness. 
  • The most effective supplements to address erectile dysfunction by increasing nitric oxide levels and improving PDE-5 inhibition. 
  • Why optimal testosterone levels are usually not enough for improved libido and sexual function. 
  • The most effective herbal supplements to ramp up natural testosterone production in both men and women. 
  • Why testosterone is also very important for women. If women don’t have enough testosterone, they are much more prone to develop cellulite and have a non-existent sex drive. 
  • A testosterone precursor that increases testosterone dramatically in women. 
  • The importance of estrogen for men to improve brain function as well as sex drive and function. 
  • How hormones affect heart health and why one of the causes of your high blood pressure may be due to hormone deficiencies. 
  • How hormones improve skin health and why excessive wrinkling is a clear sign of hormone deficiencies.
  • A very popular sports supplement that has been around since the 1990s that also improves DHT levels in men. The right level of DHT is crucial for sex drive and strong erections. 
  • The anabolic hormones that have the most impact on muscle building, physique composition, and improving strength and endurance. 
  • The exercises and types of training that have the most impact on mitigating insulin resistance and augmenting growth hormone and testosterone production. 
  • Why it’s important to also measure IGF binding proteins when determining optimal growth hormone levels. 
  • Dietary mistakes many make which can reduce growth hormone levels by 30%! 
  • The most effective amino acids and herbs to improve growth hormone levels. 
  • Optimal levels of this stress management hormone improve mood, stress tolerance, sex drive, energy, memory, and bone health. 
  • Which sex hormone has the highest concentration in the blood? Twenty times higher than any other sex hormone! 
  • Derivatives of this stress management hormone that is even more potent. One stimulates immunity one-hundred times more and another three hundred times more! 
  • A stress management hormone that can increase growth hormone by 20% when taken at night 
  • Why taking supplements to lower cortisol before training is a huge mistake. 
  • When hormone replacement makes sense but what you should address first. 
  • Low levels of this hormone are associated with multiple brain-related disorders, including stress-induced clinical burnout, bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • The hormones that address cellulite and will help make a noticeable difference in a few months.
  •  The stress management hormone that has been shown to lower levels of creatine kinase significantly which is an indicator of muscle damage.
  • Cream supplementation of this hormone has been shown to prevent an increase in wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Foods that help with estrogen metabolism and liver detox that you should be consuming often. 
  • The best herbs and supplements for stress management. 
  • Why the benefits of optimal testosterone levels go far beyond improving sex drive and physique composition. 
  • Why testosterone is not a male hormone anymore than estrogen is a female hormone. Both sexes need the right amount of both to feel at their best. 
  • Have you noticed a big increase in cellulite? Learn which hormone you’re likely depleted in. 
  • What poorly developed beards, hair loss, stomach fat, heart issues, and lack of self-confidence all have in common and the hormone that helps address all of the above 
  • Are you becoming more mercurial and grumpy as you get older? Why the grumpy old man syndrome is not to be taken lightly and what you can do about it. 
  • Prostate issues are often related to a deficiency in this all-important hormone. 
  • A fertility drug that increases your own production of testosterone big time. Learn if this is the right fit for you before going the testosterone replacement therapy route. 
  • How to determine if testosterone replacement therapy is the best course of action to optimize testosterone levels. 
  • What hormones you also need to replace if you’re going the testosterone replacement therapy route and why just taking TRT often provides disappointing results. 
  • From what age testosterone levels begin to drop why a low sex drive is a clear sign that you have been deficient in this all-important sex hormone for a long time. 
  • Why poor training performance, a lack of zeal for life, and a feeling of lethargy are clear signs you are deficient in this sex hormone. 
  • Low levels of this hormone can equal a 33% greater death risk over their next 18 years of life compared to men with higher levels.
  • The connection between excess inflammation and depleted hormone levels. 
  • The crucial role cholesterol plays with optimal hormone production and utilization. 
  • Which hormone improves hair growth on the head and which derivative can increase hair loss. More importantly what you can do about it. 
  • Which hormones make you more inclined to blast through obstacles and take on challenges. 
  • Dietary steps to improve hormone levels and vitamins and minerals that have a dramatic impact. 
  • Why this hormone is only an issue for the prostate if it is not balanced at a 1:1 ratio with another sex hormone. 
  • How to calculate optimal ranges when examining blood work. 
  • The hormones that boost metabolic rate, increases blood circulation which augments nutrients, oxygen, water, and hormones to cells all over the body.
  • Which hormones help keep the body warm and muscles and joints healthy and pain-free.
  • The hormones that protect the brain, heart, kidneys, digestive and immune system. Increases fat burning and helps eliminates cholesterol which helps open up the arteries and improves blood pressure.
  • An excess of this hormone interferes with thyroid function. Learn which hormone it is and what you can do. 
  • The most important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to improve thyroid hormone production. 
  • The hormone that helps you fall asleep alleviates jet lag, is a potent antioxidant, may reduce the risk of cancer, improves heart health, lowers stress, and even blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen at night. 
  • The importance of an adrenal hormone that is the mother of all sex hormones.
  • The most prolific sex hormone in the brain that is also crucial for memory, focus, mood, joint health, and healing. 
  • Memory issues, inability to focus, easily stressed, depressed, chronic fatigue, poor endurance, joint pain, and excessive urination are all connected to this sex hormone. 
  • Why a deficiency in this sex hormone will lead to deficiencies in all the sex hormones including testosterone. 
  • Why estrogen is imperative for mood, bone health, sex drive and function in both men and women. 
  • The hormone that helps keep the vagina moist, improves sexual desire, helps keep the skin smooth and unwrinkled, reduced the risk of heart disease, helps prevent osteoporosis, and supports a healthy immune system. 
  • What bloating, unexplained weight gain, decreased sex drive, mood swings, headaches, irregular menstrual periods are all signs of. 
  • The most effective foods and supplements to address estrogen dominance. 
  • The safest form of estrogen replacement for women to use. 
  • A powerful sex hormone that helps one use fat for energy, prevents PMS, protects the heart, improves thyroid function, increases sex drive, and is a natural anti-depressant. 
  • Anxiety, irritability, hostility, intense headaches, abdominal pain before periods, excessive lower body and stomach fat are all signs of depleted levels of this all-important hormone. 
  • The importance of a hormone created by the pituitary gland that controls the production of stress management hormones. 
  • Pale skin, patches of hair loss, underweight, inability to focus, stressed easily are all signs of a deficiency in this hormone. 
  • The intimacy hormone that helps us feel more connected to others. 
  • A hormone that we literally can’t live without. Your body will cannibalize sex hormones if necessary to create this essential anti-inflammatory hormone. 
  • An optimal ratio of these two hormones is a strong indicator of being anabolic according to elite strength coach Charles Poliquin. 
  • Hair loss, very low blood pressure, joint pain, skin issues, flu-like fatigue, intense cravings for sugar and salt are all connected to depleted levels of this crucial hormone. 
  • Vitamins and herbs that help address high cortisol and also vitamins and herbs that address very low levels of cortisol. 
  • The best supplements for optimizing hormones. 
  • A hormone that prevents water loss especially at night. Frequent urination at night is a clear sign of a deficiency in this hormone. 
  • The hormone that controls blood pressure when standing and helps with high-stress situations. 
  • If you need to urinate almost immediately after drinking water then you likely have depleted levels of this hormone. 
  • Intense salt cravings, tired all the time, light headed even when sitting, are all connected to this hormone. 
  • Why you need to take into account the timing of your last intense training session when getting hormone blood testing done. 

Bonus Presentation on optimal strength and conditioning

Optimal physical training is also an important component of health and hormone optimization and that is why I am bringing in one of the best strength coaches around, my friend Sabina Skala. While I will be touching on physical training at times during my presentation, Sabina is far more knowledgeable on the topic of effective strength training and you will be blown away by her expertise. I have had the good fortune to be friends with many of the best strength coaches in the game such as Mark Philippi, Christian Thibaudeau, and the late Charles Poliquin and when they talk training I shut up and listen as they have all forgotten more than most will ever know. Well, Sabina is right up there with them and this will be fully evident at the course. 

Sabina is originally from Poland, at present based in London UK where she works with various pro and amateur athletes taking care of their Strength and Conditioning. Sabina has presented at national exhibitions (SFN Expo, BodyPower Expo) and several workshops worldwide that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development. She also works alongside Balance Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic team on a regular basis. 

Over the years Sabina has worked with various sports including pro – MMA athletes, BJJ fighters and other top combat sports professionals, top male models,  military personnel, rugby, football, golf, cricket, and polo players, climbers, dancers, and endurance athletes.  Some of her publications can be found in Men's Fitness and The Guardian, PT Magazine, as well as Homepage and, She has been a guest on the very popular Super Human Radio show and numerous other podcasts. Sabina has recently started her adventure with ultra running events, she has completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables and will be competing in The Dragons Back Ultra in May.

Here is what she is going to cover at the course 

  • Identifying weak links(structural, muscular and neural) that hinder athletic performance
  • Movement analysis, finding and correcting muscle imbalances before they cause a problem 
  • How heavy should you lift, when and how heavy is strong enough for your sport or/and for an average Joe 
  • Setting strength, power, strength endurance & endurance standards depending on the goals, sport, lifestyle, and genetic predispositions. 
  • How "fluid" should the standards be and when to adjust them
  • Why it is not always the most efficient athlete that is the most optimal, but the one that adapts best to the situation and how to train to become one
  • Strength solutions for various athletic goals (from ultra running to powerlifting) - programming and exercise choice
  • What are the common mistakes and misconceptions when programming for athletic performance
  • What is "sport specific" training and how to integrate it effectively for maximum benefit 
  • What is a hybrid athlete and how we can use the elements of their training to work with the general population.  
  • Scanning the fundamental lifts. Why back injuries happen when squatting or deadlifting, solutions to fix the problems and avoid the mistakes. 

Here is what a few of Sabina’s clients are saying about her. You don’t get such detailed testimonials without being at an elite level!  


When I met Sabina I was a hobbyist Jiu-Jitsu player with ambition. She taught me to lift, properly, which helped me to develop a power based BJJ game. Alongside lifting, she is responsive for my conditioning and my physical performance, competing in major tournaments throughout the year. We worked together all year round, setting and achieving long term goals. My body shape has changed, my lean muscle is up, my cardio is never questioned in a match and I’m much less prone to injury. I trust her methods and *know* that her personal programming works. 
Sabina has pushed my body to its limits in a competition camp but she has taught me even bigger lessons in how to develop a strong mind. I have no doubt that Sabina has made me stronger, faster and more powerful. She has also made me more confident, ambitious, lion-hearted and focused. Under Sabina’s training, I won the World Masters Championships and am one of the highest ranked BJJ athletes in Europe in gi and NoGi. 
— Leoni Munslow BJJ Black Belt
(From Balance Physiotherapy Client - James) Graham recommended Sabina Skala – a weight-training expert and trainer to professional MMA fighters into the bargain.  Graham forewarned me not to be fooled by Sabina’s appearance – blonde, 55 kgs, lean, fit – as, in his words, “she’ll kill you”! I have to say that he wasn’t far out. Each session can only be described as ‘exquisite pain’ and I quite often have to lie down for an hour when I get home afterward. Sabina started me off by testing my flexibility, mobility and core strength and from this, she was able to assess my capabilities and starting off point.  She also asked me what I wanted to achieve. Together we would go through 50-minute sessions of strength training including a cardio’ session. Training includes squats, deadlifts, kettlebell ‘man-makers’ (yes, I know), pull-ups, step-ups, a whole heap of body-weight exercises and rowing. Each session is written down and I have to carry out that program several times a week until the next session and bring a recorded progress report. When I started, my squat was just 40kgs but now I’m up to 90kgs (5kgs more than my body weight).  My deadlift was 50kgs and now I’m up to 120kgs.  I’m aiming for 1.5 times my body weight for each discipline within the next 6 months. I go right down to my heels with these weights which is something I never dreamed I could do. Sabina, like Graham, has always been careful to increase the load only gradually so as not to cause any further damage to the knee or to cause any other injury to the body.  To keep me interested and guessing, she always throws in some new exercise at each session.  I like this variety to my training. I’m delighted to say that after 18 months attending Balance, I feel like a new man.  At times I feel as though I could leap over a house or pull on an Irish rugby jersey and run out on Landsdowne Road.  My injured leg is more stable than it has ever been and I’m virtually pain-free most days.  Yes, I still get an odd ‘twinge’ on damp days but that’s arthritis for you.  The main thing is that I continue to lead an extremely active life. I swim, dance, cycle, dance, walk lots, dance, lift weights, dance, row and (did I mention it?) – dance! Balance Physiotherapy has changed my life! 
- James Phillips Swing dancer and fitness enthusiast.
I’ve trained with Sabina for almost 10 years and trust her 100%.  The sessions are always challenging and enjoyable without ever becoming repetitive and the results have been very good.  She has improved my strength, muscle endurance, and aerobic endurance an amazing amount since we started working together as well as help to cure some back pain which I had had for a number of years previously.  She is extremely professional in her presentation and demeanor and her knowledge still impresses me even today.  I would highly recommend her to anyone. 
- Will Sherling (former pro -footballer)

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Are students allowed to film the course? 
No, no filming will be allowed and all phones will need to be turned off. The last thing I want to see is people texting and checking their Instagram while I am working my ass off to deliver great content. You will, however, get a copy of my lecture notes the day before the course. You can access the lecture notes on your laptop, Ipad, or print and bring the lecture notes to the course. 
What is your cancellation policy 
You have 7 days after you register to cancel and get a full refund. After the 7-day point, no refunds will be issued. I don't have time for flakes that don't take what I have to offer seriously. If you're on the fence then don't sign up for the course. If you're not sure you will be able to make it then don't sign up for the course. I only want people that are enthusiastic about what I am presenting and can't wait to be at the course. 
Can students pay in person on the day of the course? 
No all students must register in advance
Will there be time to ask questions? 
Yes, there will be plenty of time to ask questions. I will open up the course to questions at the end of every section will also leave some time at the end of the course for questions. In addition, the course is limited to 30 students as I want a more intimate setting in which we can all interact. You can also email me questions after the course as I understand fully that you will be on information overload at the course and may have numerous questions that come up later. 
Will we be sitting the entire time? 
For the most part, you will be seated during the course as it is primarily a series of lectures. However, six hours is a long day to be seated so I plan to break up the day with some exercise instruction on a few exercises such as deadlifts and dragon flags so if you want to try any of the exercises I cover wear gym clothes. 

What is the location of the course?  

The course will be on Sunday, April 7th from 10 am to 4 pm at 
Koru Gym 
Peek Business Park 
Bishops Stortford 
CM23 5RG
FYI, I am handing all registrations so only contact Koru Gym for directions or facility information. 

How do I register?

Click on the button below 

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Ten people have already registered! The next five students can get in for $400.00 (£ 302.85). Once five more people register the price will go up to $500 (£ 384)

This course is limited to 30 students so register today before it is too late. Again, you have 7 days after you register to cancel and get a full refund. After the 7-day point, no refunds will be issued. I don't have time for flakes that don't take what I have to offer seriously. If you're on the fence then don't sign up for the course. If you're not sure you will be able to make it then don't sign up for the course. I only want people that are enthusiastic about what I am presenting and can't wait to be at the course. 

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