Mike Mahler on the Rich Roll Podcast discussing hormone optimization, nutrition, Project Child Save, and more!

I loved being on Rich Roll's incredible Podcast recently. Rich is a master interviewer and one of the best around at podcasting! Below is what Rich had to say about the episode 

"We nerd out on the specifics, which hormones do what and why, and how regulatory imbalances can lead to everything from obesity to exhaustion.

We talk intermittent fasting; effective training techniques; how to avoid over-training; and the importance of restoration, stress reduction and sleep.

We cover this interest and role in the growing kettlebell revolution; the importance of functional strength and mobility; and his every-day rituals.

We discuss Mike’s interest in combating human trafficking and his support of Project Child Save, a non-profit devoted to locating and recovering children kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

And we explore his vegan journey, why he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, the importance of leading by example.

But more than anything, this is a conversation about what it means to live live aggressively — and why compassion is the ultimate strength.

Chocked full of great information, Mike was awesome. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange as much as I enjoyed having it.

And make sure to break out that pen and paper — you’re going to want to take notes.

Peace + Plants,"

Rich Roll


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