LLA Premium Episode #5: The many benefits of Kratom for energy, pain relief, and mood

Mike & Sincere return for Patreon Subscriber-Only Premium Episode #5. This one a special, as it is the first (of many) premium episodes that feature a special guest. Mike & Sincere are joined by supplementation expert and industry watchdog, Anthony Roberts, to discuss the following:

  • Mike, Sincere, and Anthony share their kratom experience
  • What are the effects kratom, in terms of addressing injuries and pain
  • What are the most optimal strains of kratom for mood, pain, sleep, and energy
  • What is the best advice for those trying kratom for the first time
  • Anthony shares what kratom is and is not
  • How did Anthony discover kratom
  • What is the latest info on the DEA's stance on scheduling kratom
  • What is the connection between kratom and Scientology
  • Is kratom an effective appetite suppressant

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