Cro-mags lead singer John Joseph returns to discuss his latest book and upcoming projects

John Joseph of Cro-Mags fame, returns to the LLA podcast to discuss his latest book, upcoming projects, what he's learned from a friend's Navy Seal experience, as well as the following:.

  • John discusses his new book and why it's not a good idea to discuss project before creating them
  • John shares the top tips you can do to develop a mindset of perseverance 
  • What exactly is the "Enemy Mind" & how does John work against it, as well as what you can do to do so, as well
  • John discusses why failing is mandatory
  • Why "alone time" is often necessary
  • How have Robert McKee & Steven Pressfield influenced John's creative path
  • What did John learn from the books,"The Science of Self-realization" & "The Perfection of Yoga"
  • What does John's advice to those who truly want to follow a certain path, but are afraid to pull the trigger
  • What did John learn from his friend's Navy Seal experience in terms of setting goals and getting past resistance

All this and much more:

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