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Meditation CDs

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Special Report: How The Holosync Technology Works

By Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute

I have had so many people call or write to ask me exactly how Holosync technology works, and what it is that distinguishes each deeper level of the program from the previous level, that I have decided to write this Special Report to clarify these questions and also to explain just why what we do at Centerpointe Research Institute is different from—and more effective than—other neurotechnology approaches.

In the early 1970s the Menninger Foundation studied some Indian yogis who were in the United States. They hooked these yogis to different machines in order to measure the yogis' control over supposedly unconscious mental and physical functions. These studies gave researchers the first peek at the electrical brain wave patterns of meditation. (Shortly thereafter, the Transcendental Meditation movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi also conducted studies that showed the brain wave patterns of the meditative state.)

At about the same time, but completely independently, a researcher named Dr. Gerald Oster of Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York published a paper in Scientific American about research he had been conducting since the 1950s into the effects of sound waves on brain wave patterns. Oster had discovered a method, using sound, to create any desired electrical pattern in the brain, including those of meditation.

A small field sprang up around this technology and a related technology that uses flickering lights to alter brain wave patterns. This field has always focused (mistakenly, in my opinion) on what I would describe as the symptoms of exposure to these brain-altering technologies. You will hear people say, for instance, "we will put you in an alpha brain wave pattern and such-and-such will be your experience" or "we will put you in a theta state and you will have an out-of-body experience" (or whatever).

This, to me, is like a runner thinking the important thing about running is that you breathe hard, you get sweaty, and your legs get tired.

These are symptoms of running, but the real essence of the experience is that the cardiovascular system and the muscles are reorganizing at higher levels of functioning—called "getting in shape."

My view of what happens when we expose ourselves to these neurotechnologies is completely different. First of all, the sound technology Oster discovered (which is the basis of all neurotechnologies using sound), as well as the flickering lights used in "light and sound" devices, both create very great fluctuations in electrical brain wave activity.

As one moves from the beta brain wave pattern of normal waking consciousness to the slower brain wave pattern of alpha, then deeper into theta, and finally to the deepest delta, the fluctuations in the brain are constantly increasing. Here is the important point, though: these fluctuations give the nervous system input, or stimulus, beyond its ability to handle, the way it is currently structured.

In order to handle these fluctuations, the nervous system is forced to reorganize itself at higher, more complex levels of functioning, evolving a new structure that can handle the input it originally could not handle. As the brain continues to receive this input, the nervous system will continually reorganize itself, in a series of quantum leaps—some at a micro-level of functioning and some at a much more global level...

...until a new structure has been created that can easily handle this input.

This model of change is based on the work of scientist Ilya Prigogine, winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize for work on the growth and evolution of what scientists call "non-linear open systems". This work is, in my opinion, one of the greatest scientific advances of the modern era, right up there with quantum physics and the theory of relativity. Scientists have applied Prigogine's work to everything from how a seed germinates to how a corporation expands, a highway system grows, a cell divides, or an audience breaks into applause.

It has been applied to the movement of the stock market and to the expansion of the universe. (I have written extensively about Prigogine's work in the introductory materials for The Holosync Solution™ program as well as in the Support Letters and in my book The Management of Evolutionary Change.)

Neurophysiologically, this reorganization in the brain causes the creation of new neural pathways, resulting in communication between parts of the brain that previously were not communicating, or were communicating only a minor amount.

One of the unique things about Holosync is its ability to create synchronization between the two hemispheres of the brain, over time making this kind of cross-hemispheric communication permanent.

This increase in communication within the brain leads, over time, to what scientists call whole brain thinking or whole brain functioning.

This includes such things as increased learning ability, creativity, intuition, mental clarity, and intelligence, plus an increase in what some would call "mystical" or "metaphysical" powers—in my opinion, latent abilities we all have but usually do not exhibit because we use such a small portion of our brains.

But here's the really amazing thing that happens: every time the nervous system makes a quantum leap—every time your brain reorganizes in response to the input we are giving it with Holosync—in order to make that shift you have to let go of some of the unresolved mental and emotional material we all have under the surface in the unconscious mind. Whether it is unresolved fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, or limiting beliefs, some of this material will be incompatible with the brain's ability to operate at the next higher level of functioning and will be resolved.

Eventually, the nervous system comes to a point where it has made all the changes it needs to make to handle the extra input it is receiving. The same process happens with the runner who, after weeks or months of training, can now easily run five miles. Running five miles at that point no longer pushes the body to better physical condition (unless, of course, he or she runs faster—but let's not complicate the analogy yet).

With the neurotechnology explorer, this is the point where he or she says "this used to have quite an impact, but now it doesn't seem to affect me as it once did." Many of you have told me of having this very experience with other neurotechnology approaches before you found Centerpointe Research Institute and Holosync.

Years ago, when we reached this point in our early experiences with what eventually became Holosync (the point where nothing more seemed to be happening) we were disappointed.

"So much has happened," we said, "and we've had so many amazing changes. It's a shame we're not being pushed to grow anymore."

At this crucial point, I asked a question that no one else in this field was asking—a question that really opened the doorway to getting much more from this type of technology.

No one was asking this question because they were stuck in what I mentioned before—focusing on the particular brain wave pattern being induced and the accompanying momentary experiences or symptoms rather than on the deeper and more significant underlying changes which were happening. (The explanation I have given of the brain reorganizing itself at higher levels of functioning in response to stimulus beyond its ability to handle is not an explanation you will hear from the rest of the neurotechnology community—even though it describes exactly what is happening.)

Here is the question I asked: "Is there something else we can do, something we haven't yet noticed, to increase the amount of input we're giving the brain and which will allow us to continue the evolutionary changes we've been enjoying so far?" It was in answering this question that I began to look at something called carrier frequency.

To understand carrier frequency, you have to understand at least a simplified explanation of how the different brain wave patterns are induced. We do this by introducing a tone of a certain frequency into one ear (which affects the opposite side of the brain) and a tone of a slightly different frequency into the other ear.

The electrical brain wave patterns will then resonate to the difference between these two tones.

If we make the difference between the two tones ten cycles-per-second, for instance, the predominant brain wave pattern will be ten cycles per second, in the middle of the alpha range.

Notice that there are an infinite number of pairs of tones we could use to induce (for instance) a ten-cycle-per-second alpha state. As long as the difference between the tones is ten cycles per second, it doesn't matter what the tones are—your brain will go into a ten cycle-per-second alpha state.

It seemed intuitively obvious to me, however, that the lower the two tones were—in other words, the lower the carrier frequency—the more powerful the effect would be. (I have to admit that I was blown away by the discovery that no one else in the neurotechnology field was paying any attention to this little piece of incredibly important information—they were [and still are] too hung up on "what brain wave pattern are we in?" and the momentary "symptoms" of being in that state.)

Once we determined that the lower the carrier frequency, the more powerful the effect, we naturally wanted to find out just how low we could go.

So, being young and reckless, we made ourselves some ultra low-frequency soundtracks and started listening to them every day. At first we were very euphoric, but within four or five days we were freaking out! We had so much mental, emotional, and even physical "stuff" coming out of us all at once that we were totally overwhelmed.

What we were experiencing was, I believe, what Eastern meditation schools call a "kundalini awakening"—but without the body or the nervous system being purified enough to handle the energy. (These soundtracks we made in the early days, by the way, correspond to the strength of something between what is now Awakening Level 4 and Purification Level 1—we now have levels that go much lower, but we only use them after we have built up to it gradually.)

From this rather horrible experience we developed the idea of having an on-going program where we would start people out with a carrier frequency that would be challenging to the nervous system, but not overwhelming.

Then, after several months of daily use, when the nervous system had finally come to the point where it had made all the changes it needed to make to handle the input it was receiving, and the soundtracks didn't seem to feel very strong anymore, we would move the person to the next level of the program by lowering the carrier frequency—still taking them into the same alpha, theta, delta brain wave patterns but at a lower and more powerful carrier frequency.

When we did this, we noticed, first of all, that the soundtracks felt powerful again.

Plus, a whole new and deeper set of changes began to happen.

Then, after six months or so, the nervous system would again come to the point where it had finished making whatever changes it needed to make to handle the stronger input from this new and more powerful carrier frequency.

At this point we would once again move the person to a still deeper level, with an even lower carrier frequency—and so on, and so on, and so on, until we had taken them as low as it is possible to go. During this time, incredible changes—different for each individual—would unfold.

There are two ways, then, for us to give the nervous system input or stimulus which pushes it to reorganize at higher levels of functioning. One is by slowing the brain from a beta rhythm to an alpha rhythm, then to theta, and finally to delta, each deeper brain wave pattern creating greater fluctuations in the brain and pushing it to create new neural pathways and new connections. The second is by lowering the carrier frequency used to induce these alpha, theta, delta brain wave patterns.

Both are necessary. Without the unique ability of Holosync to create cross-hemispheric communication and brain synchronization by forcing the two sides of the brain to interact , we would not have the creation of new pathways in the brain. (Just creating a strong stimulus is not enough— if it was, we could just loudly bang on pots and pans and that overdose of stimulus would create brain evolution. The stimulus needs to be of a certain kind, and luckily we have the technology to provide exactly the stimulus we need.) But we also need the increasingly lower carrier frequencies. Otherwise, we would end our journey after a few months of use—once the brain finished creating the pathways needed to handle the first set of frequencies we originally gave it, the evolution would stop.

Lowering the carrier frequency, for us, is like the runner adding more miles to his or her daily run.

Eventually I concluded that carrier frequency was the master key that really allowed us to take full advantage of Holosync and to continue the process of change far beyond the point where other neurotechnology approaches pooped out. This is why it is so important to continue into the deeper levels of The Holosync Solution.

By gradually increasing input to the brain through the use of increasingly lower carrier frequencies, we continue to move the brain to higher, more complex levels of functioning where unresolved mental/emotional garbage cannot exist and is resolved and higher mental functions are developed.

My own personal experience with this technology was the melting away of a lifetime of uncontrollable anger and the elimination of my life-long bouts with severe depression. I also gained, over time, incredible clarity of mind and greatly increased self-confidence (I never could have organized or run a company like Centerpointe before, I'm sure).

One of the changes most difficult to describe, but certainly one of the more far-reaching, was the development of a very deep insight into who I am, how I create my reality, and why I am responsible for everything that happens in my world.

Out of this insight came changes in every area of my life: relationships, self-confidence, health, finances, creativity, mental clarity, and inter-connectedness with the rest of the world.

These changes did not happen overnight (in fact, they're still happening).

They have unfolded over several years, with some periods of intense upheaval and other periods where it felt I was at a plateau and not changing as quickly. After several significant breakthroughs, I learned to trust the process rather than continually analyzing it and trying to decide if it was "working."

That the breakthroughs were of a magnitude and permanence I had never experienced before—despite the fact that I had spent nearly twenty years intensely participating in every personal development approach that came down the road—gave me the confidence to let go and trust the process.

I sometimes tell people that the really big changes start when you get to Awakening Level 4 and beyond. Some people take this to mean that the levels preceding Awakening Level 4 are not that important. Not so. Incredible changes happen for people in these first few levels, and these changes prepare the way for even deeper shifts to follow.

It's just that it is difficult to describe the depths of change that are now possible due to our new-found ability to stimulate the brain in this unique manner. Even people who come to the program convinced they've already handled "everything" are surprised to find deeper and deeper levels of unresolved material as they go deeper into the program. As this material is resolved, more and more profound levels of awareness and inner resources unfold for them, and changes happen that they really couldn't have imagined when they started.

I started this company because using this technology totally changed my life, but I'm sometimes at a loss as to how to adequately explain just what I mean by that. The changes have been so far-reaching that the person I used to be sometimes seems like a faint memory of some other person from some far-away place.

My hope for you is that through this program you will be led to your own version of the same adventure I have had with this technology.

There is nothing more satisfying in life than finding something that really works and sharing it with others. This company is my attempt to be of service to this planet. I want to sincerely thank you for playing a part in allowing me to do something that makes me feel useful and valuable. I hope that through the changes and insights you experience from this program you will find, if you haven't already done so, your own contribution to the world, your "labor of love."

Be well,

William Harris, Director

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