Mike Mahler's Buyer Guide to Aggressive Strength Kettlebell DVDs

Q: I'm a beginner at kettlebell training--which DVD should I get?

Start with my Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop. This DVD covers all the basic exercises and in great detail. Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop also comes with a The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Workshop Manual, an e-book loaded with photos, exercise descriptions, along with effective training programs for attaining your goals. With this package, you'll learn which exercises to do--and which program works for you--so you can get started safely and effectively.

Will I need two kettlebells to follow the Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop DVD?

There are plenty of single-arm exercises in the Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop, so this DVD is a good fit if you only have a single kettlebell. Even so, do yourself a favor and start incorporating double-kettlebell drills into your program. Double KB training is superior to single KBs for many reasons, chiefly, double KB training will improve your one-arm KB skills-- but not the other way around.

Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop DVD

"Just have to say EXCELLENT DVD. I've been using kettlebells for a few years now but the breakdown you did on the exercises really helped improve my form just on the first workout. The point about how to properly rack the bells and not kill your forearms was so simple. I would instinctively do it on single arm kettlebell exercises but failed to do it on double bell exercises and couldn't figure out what I was doing differently. Again, excellent DVD. I'll have to watch it a few more times to really catch all the details."--Alex Bailey

If you are new to kettlebells or want to master the basics this is the DVD for you.

Beginner DVD Information Page

I've been training with my kettlebells for several months and I'm feeling confident with the Press, Swing, Clean and Snatch. Now, I'd like to add some variety to my training, which DVD should I buy?

I have three goal-specific DVD programs available and chances are very good at least one of them is a great fit for you. Are you looking to lose fat while learning more about the benefits of optimal hormone levels? Get The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness.

Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness

The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness

The most effective way to combat fat is to build as much muscle as possible. The more muscle you have the more of a fat burning machine you become. I am happy to report that boring cardio programs that insult your intelligence and make you feel like an idiot are not only unnecessary but counter productive. The real solution to losing fat is not spending hours on low intensity aerobics burning calories. No, the most efficient path to success is the application of the following:

  • Muscle building exercises to combat fat forcefully! (This DVD has 18 of them!)
  • High Workout Frequency Full Body Workouts to obliterate fat
  • Proper Diet as fat loss is 70% diet (No low fat diets allowed!)
  • Restoration as you need rest to lose fat (Yes you need sleep and recovery methods)
  • Optimizing Sex Hormones (Poor sex hormone levels equals: poor mood and poor body composition period. Men if your T levels are low forget about getting lean and ripped same goes for you ladies!

Check out the Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness DVD


Finally, for maximal speed and explosive power gains, get yourself Kettlebell Solutions for Speed and Explosive Strength.

Kettlebell Solution for Speed and Explosive Power

Kettlebell Solutions for Speed and Explosive Strength

Super comprehensive kettlebell training DVD that goes over how to build speed and explosive power in four different categories: Full body explosive power, Upper body explosive power, Lower body explosive power, and Rotational explosive power. Translation? You will be one explosive hombre after you practice the exercises on this DVD and follow the programs in the Free Kettlebell Training DVD E-book. I did not leave anything out on this DVD. Even if you do not care about getting faster and more explosive, you will love the wide variety of exercises that this kettlebell training DVD contains.

Kettlebell Solutions For Speed And Explosive Strength Information Page

Each of these DVDs comes with a user guide loaded with safe and effective training programs to keep you busy. Don't waste valuable time figuring out how to incorporate new exercises into a routine, my user guides take out the guesswork, ensuring an exceptional experience. 

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