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Home › Crossfit Northampton, UK: The Aggressive Strength System: Kettlebell Training, Program Design, Hormone Optimization

Crossfit Northampton, UK: The Aggressive Strength System: Kettlebell Training, Program Design, Hormone Optimization

Begins: Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM EDT

Ends: Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 06:00 PM EDT

Experience the Aggressive Strength Training System! Advanced kettlebell training, natural hormone optimization, and program design will be covered in exquisite detail. 


Bonus #1: Free copy of my Advanced Kettlebell Training DVD 31 GBP Value 

Bonus #2: Free copy of my detailed Hormone Optimization Lecture Series 31 GBP Value 



Saturday May 18, 2013


CrossFit Northampton

Unit 22 Rothersthorpe Crescent

Rothersthorpe Industrial Estate

Far Cotton



England UK


10am to 6pm

I've now done two of Mike's workshops and on both occasions I have been blown away by his knowledge and application of kettlebell training technique. The thing that makes these workshops so valuable is the opportunity to get your own technique refined and adjusted by one of the world's leading coaches - something that you simply cannot get just by reading books or articles on the internet. For anyone who wants to accelerate their ability, training with Mike is essential. His hormone optimisation knowledge is equally impressive. He is leading the way in educating trainers on this vast but often overlooked element of health and wellbeing. It's clear that Mike has invested years researching the subject and he gives you a practical interpretation of his findings, which you can apply to your own life and to that of your clients.

--Jon Lipsey, Men's Fitness UK Editor 

For some time I have not been on what you could call a practical type workshop like this because after doing many before I hadn't seen anything that was going to add more value to the work I do within my communities but when this came along to book earlier this year I didn't hesitate and come the end of the weekend I wasn't disappointed - it was worth every penny and can't recommend more for the value provided and the personal, supportive and friendly approach of the coaches!

The mix of detail and application going into many of the lifts and exercises was perfect to ensure we used great technique and improved over the course of the weekend. Anyone who considers themselves an experienced lifter in barbell, dumbbell and/or kettlebell could only improve further on a course like this.

The variation was also of great value. After using all the methods above for sometime now I still managed to come away with plenty of new exercises and lifts that are both challenging and add to the variation of new programs without simply changing for the sake of it. The new programs will be of great benefit to myself and my members

Finally the seminars on hormone optimisation were too special for words...I simply had a big smile on my face afterwards  from all the great content delivered, knowing the impact it is going to have. Your education on the information is second to none  - the way you deliver it is exceptional and the whole audience was captivated by the information and how it will be used in their lives and those close to them to huge benefit
In fact I've been so impressed that I will be working with you more and more in the very near future!
Thanks again to you and the rest of the Dinosaur Team

--Mike Bach, UK 

Having been in the fitness industry for 10 years, I have obviously come across Mikes' work and have always been keen to meet him in person and hear what he has to say regarding his methods etc. To say he is passionate about what he does is doing him an injustice. Mike lives what he teaches and unfortunately that is becoming less so within our industry. 
Mike has a very unique style of coaching. Through humour and unparalleled knowledge about his chosen field, he finds a way to communicate to everyone at their level and gets the class learning/training as a team. This is great as everyone digs in and gets on with it with the support of the rest of the group. No one feels left out.

Mike lectures in a way that is straight to the point, without leaving his students baffled or confused. He is focused entirely on the information he is trying to get across without going off on tangents. The topics Mike spoke about were as relevant to todays way of living as any lecture I have sat through, maybe more so. And he knows what he talking about. 

Mike is certainly someone who not only lives it, but loves it. He obviously works hard, plays hard and trains hard. I recommend that his courses should be considered by anyone looking to better their training and life ideologies.

Chris Mortimer, Personal Trainer, London

I just wanted to let you know that the new dvd's, "The Advanced Kettlebells and Hormone Optimization" ones, are another homerun. Your material is always first class, and this one just set the bar higher. Great kettlebell drills, and the hormone optimization segment alone was worth more than the price of the dvds. Thanks for the great info.--Brett Stepan

If you only invest in yourself once this year, this is the class to attend. I learned lots of great new kettlebell exercises and I left with fire inside me, ready to take my training to a whole new level. I was bored with my workouts; now I have a whole new kick-ass toolkit to play with! Mike also claims that the hormone optimization lecture alone is worth the price of the course, and he's right! His knowledge of the body and how to make it work better is phenomenal. I can't wait to put it all into practice and build myself a whole new body. Thanks Mike!

--Alysia Gadson, Orange County CA

Dear Mike, I had a blast at your course! It was extremely organized with tons of new information for me. It was inspiring to learn from one of the modern experts in person and I am grateful for that opportunity. The other attendees were also inspiring and made for a great day and some good soreness the next day. Besides all that, the amount of material and workout combinations covered in such a short time were well worth the price of the seminar.

--Paul Sabel, PA-C, KB Enthusiast

I am an RKC and needed someone with a lot of double KB experience train me, and Mike was the only one with credentials doing double KB seminars. Not only was I extremely impressed with his teaching and training, my KB training has reached unprecedented levels, which I am now beginning to use with some of my clients. The hormone optimization lecture was truly a life altering experience. It could easily stand on it's own as it's own seminar, but Mike included it in our training. I cannot say enough about the positive health implications of understanding and implementing the information he presented into one's lifestyle. I am extremely thankful he made a DVD as even with 5 pages of notes, I know I did not absorb everything he presented. With the DVD, I am quite positive I can maximize the total value of the day I spent with Mike."--David M. Cohn, PhD, RKC

Course Information

Recently Kris Saville of Crossfit Northampton contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in putting on a course at his gym. I love teaching in the UK and of course responded right away to Kris with strong interest. 

Kris asked me if I could tailor a course to his audience that really gets into the aggressive strength system. He requested a course that covers advanced kettlebell training, program design, nutrition information, and natural hormone optimization information. This kind of course is exactly what I enjoy teaching and I look forward to presenting it in May. 

This course is all about my aggressive strength training system! I will cover a variety of advanced kettlebell and bodyweight exercises such as: The Double KB Snatch, Stacked pressing, Outside The Legs Swings, dragon flags, the bent press, and much more. In addition, I am going to deliver a detailed lecture on how to integrate kettlebells effectively with other training tools such as barbell work and bodyweight exercises for the best of all worlds.Everything from effective fat loss program design to increasing strength and explosive power will be addressed.

I am also going to lecture on the benefits of natural hormone optimization. You will understand clearly why you should care about optimizing hormones and how to do it naturally via nutrition, training, restoration, and nutrition supplementation. This is the most over looked component of improving physical performance and something I have been lecturing on for many years. Finally, there wil be a Q&A section at the end of the course so you will have plenty of time to get all of your questions answered.

You will leave the course feeling empowered with a surge of new information that will improve your training results. You don't want to miss this course so make sure you sign up today. Not tomorrow, next month or next year! Today! My UK courses always sell out fast so act quickly. 

Here is what you will learn

gorilla pic .jpg

  • Mastering the double double clean. Should you wrap your hands around the bells or let them flip over and absorb the shock? Depends on your bodytype. Learn more at the course 
  • The Double Kettlebell Snatch! Outside the feet, inside the feet, and variations such as the high pull and half snatch to work up to the full monty. Which version is better for developing serious explosive power and which one is better for high rep work? Find out at the course. 
  • The benefits of sprint pressing for developing strong triceps and work capacity.
  • Why the concept of a straight line is one you want to appy to presses, cleans, rows, snatches, swings 
  • The benefits of doing lockout work and hold work such as bent-over row holds. 
  • The benefits of the low position lunge and wrestlers lunge for strong quads and balanced leg development.
  • The advantages of doing double swings and double snatches with the bells on the outside of your feet and how to do it.
  • Advanced rowing exercises such as the renegade row and one-arm stacked row for optimal posture and balanced upper body development. 
  • Why body positioning and leverage is critical for optimal performance 
  • Why the dragon flag is the ultimate core exercise and how to master this elusive core exercise. 
  • How to avoid over-training the shoulders with kettlebells. 
  • Why the Double KB Swing is the best ballistic KB exercise for strength and power and how to handle more weight than you ever imagined was possible in the safest manner possible.
  • The best KB exercises for speed and explosive strength and why you should never do more than three reps when speed and explosive power are your goals
  • Develop incredible explosive power with the Jump Shrug and Full Body Attack
  • The biggest mistakes that trainees make with program design and why many  trainees are under recovered stimulus addicts.
  • The critical role of nutrition and supplements to get the most out of your training.
  • Why nutrition supplementation needs to be personalized and how to determine what you will benefit from.
  • Effective program design! It all comes to how well you put things together and I will cover what works for a variety of goals. 

Bonus Hormone Lecture Information

The hormone optimization lecture was truly a life altering experience. It could easily stand on it's own as it's own seminar, but Mike included it in our training. I cannot say enough about the positive health implications of understanding and implementing the information he presented into one's lifestyle. I am extremely thankful he made a DVD as even with 5 pages of notes, I know I did not absorb everything he presented. With the DVD, I am quite positive I can maximize the total value of the day I spent with Mike."--David M. Cohn, PhD, RKC

Mike also claims that the hormone optimization lecture alone is worth the price of the course, and he's right! His knowledge of the body and how to make it work better is phenomenal. I can't wait to put it all into practice and build myself a whole new body. Thanks Mike!--Alysia Gadson, Orange County CA

Here is what will be covered in detail at the hormone optimization lecture:

  • The #1 thing you can do for optimal hormone production that does not cost a thing

  • The two best supplements to take for increasing free levels of testosterone.

  • The two main sources of stress and why addressing both is critical for comprehensive hormone optimization

  • The difference between real energy and stimulant energy and how to acquire real energy

  • The end result of too much stress and how to avoid it

  • Why stress management skills are critical for hormone optimization and what you can do today

  • Why focusing on increasing testosterone only is a mistake

  • Why you must address the five main leaders for total hormone optimization

  • The connection between Leptin resistance and being overweight

  • The connection between adrenaline resistance and stomach fat

  • How the right adrenaline response helps with reducing stomach fat.

  • Why optimal GI tract health is a critical component of hormone optimization.

  • Three inexpensive supplements that you can take to improve digestion and GI tract health dramatically

  • The importance of eating organic food and why it is even more critical if you eat meat.

  • Why you must focus on real food and take longer stretches in between each meal

  • Why you should have long stretches in between each meal

  • How to increase the hormone grehlin which is a powerful stimulator of growth hormone

  • What to do to get into a relaxed state before bedtime to ensure a night of deep sleep

  • Why real hormone optimization is essentially lifestyle optimization

  • The connection between doing the career you love and creating an optimal hormone environment

  • Which supplement works for androgen receptor uptake and for increasing insulin sensitivity

  • Why hormones need to be optimal for long term fat loss and muscle gain. Forget about counting calories and doing cardio all day long. It is your hormonal environment that determines how you look.

  • Why DHT is important for men and what supplements to take to optimize it

  • The importance of melatonin and why everyone should be using it

  • What to do if melatonin gives you nightmares and wakes you up

  • A form of ginseng that works well to balance the adrenal negatives of caffeine

  • What happens to your hormonal pathway when you have adrenal fatigue

  • What to do to address adrenal fatigue

  • Learn about an amino acid in green tea that helps with deep relaxation

  • The importance of eradicating stress instead of trying to manage it

  • The benefits of coconut oil and why you should add it to your regimen

  • Why it is important to address food sensitivities for optimal GI tract health and hormone optimization.

  • What you can do to turn good meals into super meals

  • A mineral that works well to address sugar cravings

  • The three best supplements for addressing estrogen dominance

  • The best supplements for increasing insulin sensitivity and improving physique composition goals (in other words fat loss and muscle gain)
  • The importance of brain health and how to balance the four main neurotransmitters for improving physical performance. 
  • The most important vitamins and minerals for sex hormone optimization

Bonus Presentation #2 Aggressive Strength Program Design

  • Why you can never do better than the basic moves that the strongest men and women have been doing for years 
  • The Five Pillars and why they should be covered at every workout 
  • Is tempo worth using? 
  • How important is core training and are you over doing it? 
  • How to integrate kettelbells with other tools for the best of all worlds. 
  • The biggest mistakes people make with program design 
  • Why you should start every workout with a ballistic exercise 
  • When to do joint mobility work and when to stretch 
  • What to do on off days to help improve recovery 
  • Why you need to avoid being a stimulus addict 
  • The importance of optimal technique and why every workout should have a strong component of practice 
  • Optimal training frequency for fat loss goals 
  • Full body workouts or split routines? 
  • Putting it all together for an effective size and strength regimen 
  • Is training to failure useful or should it be avoided all together? 
  • Optimal post workout strategies 
  • What you should be taking during your intense workouts 
  • Optimal pre-workout options to ensure every workout is solid

What people are saying about my courses and why they know you should attend


"Good morning Mike! Just wanted to share some pics from the Fort Hood KB Club via Baghdad. The team is doing well and staying safe, although we did lose a close friend on the recent helicopter crash. I truly enjoyed your "Aggressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training". I am planning on ordering your latest Ebook "Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength". Would I have your permission to share this with the team members here in Iraq? I believe I have stated this before in previous emails, but just wanted to say thanks again for the great web site and free articles. Your contribution to the fitness community is duly noted."
- David COL Jon "David" Mullins

Frank Shamrock

"Mike Mahler is an expert in the challenging field of sports conditioning. His unique and innovative teaching tactics guarantee high retention of these one-of-a-kind workouts. His extensive knowledge feeds a powerful passion to explore the human body with safety and strength. If you get a chance to train with him; do so or regret it."
- Frank Shamrock, Five Time UFC Middleweight Champion

"I often get this question asked at seminars. Who do you respect in the industry? Mike Mahler is certainly of the most decent beings and leaders in the fitness industry. Mike loves to help, and he does it from the bottom of his heart, that is what makes him a great leader. Zero ego, all heart. Great job Mike."--Charles Poliquin author of Modern Trends In Strength Training And The Poliquin Principles


"My Name is Harley Flanagan I am a Purple belt under Renzo Gracie some of you may know me from my bands the Cro-mags, Harley's War and others. I have always been into working out and over the years I have suffered from various shoulder injuries. After just one of Mikes seminars I felt improvement in my shoulder. A lot of my injuries from grappling and life in general got aggravated by using standard weights. However, when using kettle bells I felt improvement in my strength and in those weak areas. These damn kettlebells get you strong as hell, but I would never suggest playing around with them without proper instruction. That's why you should get in touch with Mike Mahler and check out his Dvds and his seminars! You will be glad you did whether you are a martial artist or just into strength training these things are the bomb! This stuff will REALLY get you in top shape for MMA or anything else life throws your way!"
- Harley Flanagan, Cro-mags / Harley's War and


"Since I have been using Mike's techniques I have gotten into absolutely amazing shape. I'm proud to say it! I cannot recommend his expertise enough. In the past few months, everyone I know has asked me how I got so fit and I direct them all to kettlebells and Mike Mahler. Mike realizes that everyone has different training goals and what they need to do to achieve them. He knows what works and what doesn't and will get you where you want to go. Thanks Mike, you seriously kick ass!"
- Chris Pontius of MTV's Wildboyz and Jackass

"You are an incredible instructor. As a corporate trainer, I understand the energy it takes to manage, teach, and motivate a group. You really excel at breaking down even the most technical exercise into the appropriate steps . The progression allows everyone to be successful. It is clear you love what you are doing and have fun doing it...which translates into everyone else having fun."
- Barbara McDuffie

"I have been around and trained with athletes of all disciplines: martial artists, mountaineers, powerlifters, bodybuilders, college athletes, cyclists, rock climbers, alpinists, footballers, basketballers, etc....Mike stands out more than anyone I have ever had the chance to train with. He has an uncanny ability to break down each lift into segments, focus on them, make sure you master them, then apply them to the whole. He does this with incredible detail and most importantly, patience. I am in no way affiliated with Mike or Dragondoor, so believe me.....I would have paid double if I had to for his workshop. Best six hours of training I've had, period. My snatch is now smooth enough to pass the snatch test for my weight class at the RKC. I was coming up short before, but after Mike, the snatch seems like a whole new lift. In regards to Mike being second to Pavel....I used to be of that mindset but now I question it. I think once you achieve the level of fitness Mike has, none is your better. You just have many equals and countless lesser."
- Steve Meidinger, Denver, CO

"Before attending your workshop, on the Military Press I was able to press the 32kg around 3-4 times on each arm. I just tried it yesterday and cranked out 7 reps with 1-2 left to spare…. I feel the class gave me the extra help with technique that I needed to pull the lat into it more. SWEET!"
- Dustin Silveri, Reno, NV

"I just wanted to say hello and thank you after attending my first kettlebell seminar in NYC this past weekend. My mind was truly blown away (not to mention my ENTIRE body)!! You are a powerhouse of knowledge and a wonderful motivator. Going back to my gym today was tough - all I could think about was how much I want to learn to master the kettlebell exercises and dump traditional weightlifting. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me discover a way out of my boring training routine. Look forward to another seminar! Thanks again!"
- Julie Nuzzo, NYC

"Thanks to your coaching on lifting heavy kettlebells, I am finally able to snatch an 88lb KB! Several points on technique I learned at your Level 1 Kettlebell Seminar in Miami last made the difference."
- Frank DiMeo CrossFit Gulf Coast

"Thanks for the great seminar. Quinton and I learned a lot and now better understand the fundamentals that will propel us to success. I am finding it hard to walk today :) I hope our beginner status didn't slow things down too much. Next time I see you I'll show off my deep squat! I believe that this class and the system taught is the most fundamentally sound program I have ever seen. Quinton said if he would have known about this 4 years ago he would have been State champ rather than just the league champ in wrestling."
- Kib Pearson

"Thanks again for a great seminar this past weekend. My husband and I enjoyed it immensely, and not only appreciated the instruction from you and Pavel, but from the RKC instructors as well. They too did a fantastic job of helping out and encouraging! The time and energy (and humor!!) you put into the course meant a lot to all of us and will help ripple out the success of kettlebell popularity no doubt."
- Lisa M. Hoffmann

"Mike is an incredible teacher with his own unique way of simplifying the moves. He breaks down each and every move piece by piece putting them together as if you were building blocks. This in turn simplifies the moves and when he finally has you execute the lift it comes together like magic with more precision and perfection. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, starting as a competitive bodybuilder and in all these years I have not seen such an amazing yet simple teaching techniques. As a martial arts instructor I can say that Mike has an incredible progressive teaching method that I’ve only seen in elite martial arts masters. When I shared this with Mike he told me that he saw kettlebells training like martial arts training.If you can not get to one of his workshops do get his DVD’s. I just got and strongly recommend “Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength.” Mike Mahler is a true Kettlebell Master. He is destined to become a Fitness Superstar in the very near future."
- Julio Anta, Owner of Anta's Fitness And Self Defense

"As a former Marine Sergeant, former natural bodybuilder, former powerlifter, present day amateaur strong man competitor and personal trainer. I have all the respect in the world for Mike's seminars. The seminar was in Bethesda, Maryland and was taught by Mike and another RKC person named Dillon. I felt I really had gotten my money's worth. I only had the kettlebells two weeks prior and was having trouble with some of the techniques. Mike taught with professionalism and was an interesting person. And, not the candy-assed Richard Simmons type that plague the fitness industry. The kettlebells have given me more exposure in the fitness industry and has given my own workouts a boost. My wife says she likes the way my body has become more streamlined, balanced and cut up from all the cleans and presses and snatches. If you have any question about attending a seminar...get rid of any doubt now. It is well worth the money! You better bring some water and towel, because you are working the entire time."
- Keith Dickey President, Body Energy

"You are an excellent motivator and a wealth of great information! You deserve every bit of good fortune and than some, that comes your way! You opened a new door for me that desperately needed an opening. I'm really sick and tired of traditional weight training and all the pompous uninformative trainers that come along with it. They are all show muscle, and are more interested in taking people's hard earned money and BS-ing with their friends and potential prospects during client time. It was cool to see NYC's legendary Harley Flannigan get put through your routines too. I think he was even more surprised to find out I was a fan as well and played the Cromags back in the day when I was a Metal/ Hardcore DJ in NJ… Olli's sure I will be emailing you again soon with some more questions and I will be one of your future on-line clients. Thanks again for an awesome day & hurry back to NYC bro!!"
- Tim Koenig , NYC

"Thanks again for a great seminar - it was an excellent opportunity to learn how to do the basics the right way! Seriously, I had a great time. You're an excellent instructor - not many people can make six hours of working out/learning that much fun. The time really flew by, so that's a good endorsement for your ability to keep it fresh."
- Laurie Dann, Miami, FL

"Mike, I wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with your seminar that you held in Arvada, CO. last week. Your skills at teaching and instructing are nothing less than expert. I have been "playing around" with KB's for about a year, and I am always self conscious about my form. I thought that I had my techniques practiced and learned properly. Your seminar helped to correct my form in the clean, the Turkish Get-Up(TGU), windmill, military press, and the bent press. Again, your expert instruction and demonstration of the most technical bends/grinds saved me from my poor bent press form. The way you throw around the bulldogs is inspiring."
- Thomas Buhl, Denver, CO

"I really enjoyed your workshop. I feel I got my monies worth still sore). I learned a lot at your workshop. I will say that being directly in front of you the majority of the time had a tremendous effect on my focus. My learning how not to have the KBs bang my wrist when I do Cleans was worth the price of admission all by itself and the rest was icing on the cake. The 6 hours went by too fast for me. There was so much more I would like to have learned from you. Your generosity and approach-ability are rare qualities. I believe if you nurture those qualities about yourself you will continue to be successful. Unselfish behavior is a rare thing in the business world; especially when it pertains to fitness. Allowing me to take a DVD trusting I would PayPal for it later was a shock. I expected to hear "Sorry, I just can't do that." So Thank You again."
- James Day, Lenexa, Kansas

“That was the best seminar I've been to. Good job. Also, your DVD is really hot. The setting is perfect and that first move drew me in capturing my attention. I look forward to reading more of your articles and experiencing your training. I will definitely be attending another seminar.”
- Mike Tornabane

"Thanks so much for coming to Denver. I learned a lot about certain exercises. I've been working on the double military press. GTG. Before the seminar I could only budge the 70's. Now I am doing like three sets of two each day. Your totally awesome."
- Thomas Kitchen, Denver, CO

"Mike, I just wanted to say that your seminar was beyond advertised, and I feel very confident in attending the RKC certification in April. The corrections you made in my snatch not only allowed me to complete the 72 snatches with the 53lb kettlebell, but when I got home I was able to do 60 snatches with the 72lb kettlebell feeling stronger than ever with the exercise. The strength routines you suggested ie. 3x3 and 5x5 with multi-joint exercises take me 30-40 minutes and the results are 10x what I ever got weightlifting. Strength coaches do not usually deliver more than offered, but you are obviously an exception when it comes to professionalism and teaching. Looking forward to having you come back to NYC for a level 2 seminar."
- Marc Simione NSCA-CPT, Strength Coach

"Firstly, Mike you are trully INSANE when it comes to KB training and your seminar...AWSOME! Well worth its weight in gold. I learned alot more than just proper form and technique, I learned preparation, focus and attention to detail and all the other nuances that go along with kettlebell training. The soreness and body ache are a testament to everything taught at the seminar. I strongly urge anyone who is procrastinating or delaying to register RIGHT NOW. Secondly, I'd like to thank you Mike and Dillon wholeheartedly for the inspiration and motivation you have given me to pursue my goals and new found love of kettlebell training. Last but not least, I walked away from your seminar knowing how to trully " Live Life Aggressively". GOD bless and thanks again."
- Joe Nicholson, NYC

"I enjoyed the seminar immensely and definitely got my money’s worth. Thanks for the tips. I wasn’t sore everywhere, my feet, calves, jaw and hands were fine. The rest of me was a wreck. Ok most of me still is a wreck. I feel much more confident of the windmill and presses after going through the seminar."
- Brad Koltak, Bethesda, MD

"Thank you for the KB Workshop in Bethesda. You are correct in saying, you cannot learn everything from a video, and you need personal attention. The workshop was well organized and filled with a ton of information. Dylan’s insight was a nice touch. He is definitely a wealth of information on KB application. The two of you really complement each other. The workshop was definitely aggressive, no unnecessary fluff."
- Ron Hiett

"As I'm sure you've been told before, you have a passion that is contagious and a natural teaching ability, which makes you great at your job. Keep up the good work."
- Andy Chestman, Bethesda, MD

"Thanks again for the great instructions and information you gave out. I experienced soreness and pain in some body parts for the first time in my life after the workshop. I thought I would benefit from kettlebells exercises, now I can do them safely with the proper techniques."
- Chiali Sung, NYC

"Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your seminar in NYC this weekend. The class was extremely well organized and you guys were very efficient and informative. I think even a novice like me could get something very valuable out of the class. I also though it was a great idea to have more than one instructor given the size of the group. Overall, you guys did a great job and really kicked our collective asses."
- Kevin Saer, NYC

"It was an absolute pleasure to watch you work. You are a great teacher and clearly enjoy your trade. You are a true professional."
- Mike Rutherford, Owner of Crossfit/Kansas

"I just want to say thank you for your efforts. I now feel confident in the ability to properly use kettlebell's. Your expertise and guidance, and those of your fellow instructors, have increased my performance 1000%. It was a great training day and one I will not soon forget, however, I was one whipped pup on Sunday. Please keep me in mind for future classes if you return to the Philadelphia area."
- Rick Nowaczek, Philadelphia

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your very informative and inspirational workshop last weekend in Big D. I found it to be very valuable and well worth the money! I only began training with KB's about 2 months ago but have found them to be addictive. I was never a big one for working out but KB's and meeting you have changed that! I am actually very interested in becoming an RKC so that I can become an instructor/personal trainer. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but meeting people like you and Lisa Schaffer keeps me inspired and motivated! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again."
- Christine Myck Dallas, TX

"It would be an understatement to say I am sore! Your intense understanding of what you teach is incredible, and combined with your tremendous personality it makes for a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I will definitely be purchasing some kettlebells. I appreciate your firmness and no nonsense approach, as to many workshops get out of control and off track. You stayed on task and in control. You are a true professional Mike!"
- Vincent Harris, Lenexa, Kansas

"Thanks for the incredible workshop. After the months of trying to learn proper technique from books and videos it was about time I got a professional to help, and you were quite the professional. It was also great fun to meet you, the man behind the legend, and see you perform the movements with such great ease. Thanks again, hopefully I'll have the chance to meet with you another time."
- Ryan Plauche, Dallas, TX

"The wealth of immediately usable information I came away with was tremendous - I have had a lot of technique flaws that have kept me from accomplishing a number of lifts. Mike's clear instructions and breaking each exercise into steps blocks was a very effective. The 52# bell has been my stopping point for a long time; I have only been able to poor cleans, press one a couple times (on a good day) and do snatches and swings with it. During the class I was able to clean and press a pair of 52s for reps, successfully clean the 72# bell, hack squat the 52# for reps and front squat the 52s in the low rack position for reps....none of which I could do before Mike's clinic."
- Kelly Moore, Wisconsin


Mike Mahler in action

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just started training with kettlebells a month ago, can I come?

A: While I would love to have you attend, this course is for intermediate to advanced KB trainees. I expect you to have the basic moves already such as swings, one-arm snatch, etc 

Q: Do I need to bring kettlebells?

A: No we will have plenty on site.

Q: I am a certified kettlebell instructor, will I pick up anything new at your course?

A: Without question Yes! You will have a whole new tool set to teach your students and increase your value in the marketplace. I have been teaching kettlebell training for over 10 years and was the first one to show that you can build a great income with a kettlebell focused fitness business. There is plenty for you to learn from me. Be open minded and get to the course. 

Q: Is this going to be a boot camp style course or will it be instruction focused?

A: There wil be a hands on component to the course in addition to two lectures. No boot camp style approach though as this course is about learning optimal technique not making yourself sore for a week. 

Q: I am not sure if I should sign up. Can you convince me?

A: No, if you are not sure, do not bother signing up as you are not ready mentally and probably nor ready physically.

Q: I want to get stronger, faster, leaner and take charge of my health. Should I attend?

A: Yes and I can't wait to work with you!

Q: Where will the course be?

CrossFit Northampton

Unit 22 Rothersthorpe Crescent

Rothersthorpe Industrial Estate

Far Cotton



England UK


10am to 6pm

Q: How Do I Register?

A: Keep reading.

Registration Information

Registration Fee: $499.95 US Dollars  


Cancellation Policy:

If you provide notice that you will not be able to attend the workshop at least 45 days in advance of the workshop you will have the option of a full refund or a transfer to a same value workshop of your choice. If after 45 days, the full refund option will be void. However you will still get the transfer option as long as you provide notice at least two days before the workshop. If notice is not provided within two days of the workshop, there will be a $25.00 transfer fee. I also reserve the right to cancel the course 30 days in advance.

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