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Workshops & Seminars

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Thanks for the incredible workshop on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. I had a blast and was sore for days! I learned a lot about how to maximize my leverage points and generate body tension to lift the heavier kettlebells with greater efficiency. I never thought I'd go from using a 25lb to a 50lb kettlebell! Thanks to you I'm going to be getting myself some heavier bells and live life more aggressively. I'm hooked and look forward to doing your Level 2 workshop in the near future.--Estella H

"Thank You for an amazing day. Even after two years of working with Kettlebells, buying videos, and working on form on my own I can honestly say that the time and money were VERY WELL spent. Now I know how much I didn't (don't) know. Oh, after I was able to press the 88 I went around the corner and grabbed Mark's 97. It went up with both arms too! I am more motivated than ever now. It is hard to believe that when I started it was a stretch to press the 35 overhead more than 5 reps. To be able to work out the entire day with a 53 I would never have thought possible 18 months ago. Thanks again for sharing the wealth of information you have acquired."--Ron Priestley


"Thanks again for your class. It was Money well spent. You taught a wealth of insightful information in a way that most professional teachers, I think, would envy. Clear, patient, concise, and with humor (an essential and often overlooked quality). Never condescending. I was sore the next day, in an area I didn't expect to be the legs) but it was a good sore. Anyway its obvious to see that you enjoy what you do, much continued success! If its at all possible let me know if you are going to teach an intermediate class any time soon in the Vegas area - would love to get to the next level."--Adam Gregory

"I was convinced of the value of Mike's workshop. I had wondered previously about its value since I had already learned a lot from videos. But now there was no doubt: some of these things you just need to learn in person. And with exercises I had learned before, the reinforcement of proper form in all its subtleties was worth the time and money. One of the important differences between videos and the workshop is how Mike would build up to an exercise. With the military press, for example, he started by teaching a deadlift, then a clean, then doing a tension exercise, then power breathing, then finally the press. The tension exercise was great: he had us hold a heavier bell than we were used to in the clean position. I was used to a 35lb bell, but now I had an 88lb bell cleaned. Holy cow, it took my whole body just to hold the thing there for 10 seconds! But generating whole body tension was exactly the point. That's the kind of thing you can't get from watching a video."
- Josh Carter, Denver, CO

"Thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday - it was one of the best things I've paid money to attend in my whole life, and it was worth way more than $300. you are EXCELLENT. I feel very inspired! next time I attend, I will leave my 3kg baby rattle at home. while I may not be quite ready to Live Life Aggressively, I am certainly not as much of a sissy as I was last week. thank you."
- Alysia Nolan, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks very much for the top notch instruction you gave. I have been worried ever since I left the Marine Corps that I was going to struggle to remain aggressively active and fit in the civilian world. You definitely showed me the power of KB training and healthier living. "--Phil Downs

"OK, Ladies listen up; I am relatively new to kettlebell training. I attended Mike and Dylan’s professional Kettlebell workshop in Northern VA. Mike and Dylan are truly experts in the science of kettlebell training. Mike’s lecture on nutrition, physiology and anatomy was impeccably accurate. Dylan is excellent in his innate ability to make you focus and perform. I felt completely comfortable and part of the team during the instruction and execution of the exercises. I learned how important it is to use the right kettlebell weight and essential tweaks onmy lifting. Watching Mike demonstrate his exemplary strength was amazing and inspiring.For those of you contemplating attending, do it, your mind, body and soul will be grateful. I feel calm, strong and energized. I am a fan. P.S. I personally would like to see some shirtless photos on the website. :-)"
- Carrie Pascoe, Woodbridge, VA

"I want to take a minute to say thanks for a terrific seminar. I absolutely got more than I expected. In my world that equates to a bargain. The hour devoted to hormones and nutrition was a true revelation to me."--Asa Ashcraft, Las Vegas, NV

"This was my second KB workshop with Mike Mahler and even though I am no longer a rookie when it comes to KB training, there is always something new to learn. I am always amazed at the many different types of fitness enthusiasts who attend his seminars. From World Champion powerlifters like myself, to runners and weekend warriors, Mike makes sure the workshop caters to all levels of fitness. His energy and sense of humor make the 8 hours pass all too soon. I was truly exhausted by the end of the day and pleasantly sore in a way that regular gym workouts cannot afford me. I got to polish up my technique and learn a few new cool exercises from Mike’s co-presenter, Dylan Thomas. In addition to the KB exercises, Mike lectured us on the need for good nutrition, sleep and hormonal therapy-something most people who go to the gym neglect. Mike’s holistic viewpoint on life, health and exercise is a refreshing change of pace from the standard bodybuilding mentality that pervades the gym world. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next seminar that comes to your town. It will be an experience you will not soon forget."
- Ellen Stein, 6 time IPF Masters World Champion Powerlifter, certified personal trainer (ACE, NASM, NSCA)

"I would also like to take you for your videos and workshops. I started with the bells about 18 months ago. I started swinging a 35. now after following you I am swinging double 70s. pressing 1 35 to 2 70s for 5 sets of 8."--Dr. Brian Lattimer, West Virginia

Why should you attend an Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Workshop?

  • You are looking into adding kettlebell training to your program and want to start off right.
  • You do not not know what size kettlebell to start with and want to give kettlebells a test drive
  • You realize that kettlebell training requires expert instruction and do not want to acquire injuries from using poor form.
  • You are tired of banging up your wrists on kettlebell snatches and cleans
  • Your lower back is sore after doing kettlebell military presses and swings (Hint, your lower back should not be sore at all!)
  • You feel like a pretzel when you do windmills and your neighbor keeps calling the paramedics whenever he sees you doing what you think are windmills
  • You are serious about kettlebell training and want to learn how to get the most out of your workouts in the least amount of time.
  • You are a beginner and you want to ensure that you learn the proper technique to maximize your progress and avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • You have been training with kettlebells for a while and want to take it to the next level
  • Your insurance is not enough to cover all of the potential injuries that will be coming your way from using poor technique
  • You want to learn about the benefits of kettlebells in a fun environment and meet similar minded people How often do you get to interact with people that are serious about training?
  • Mike is highly experienced and he has taught over 100 courses since 2002
  • Mike has never received any negative feedback from any kettlebell training workshop
  • Mike guarantees that you will leave his kettlebell training workshops stronger
  • In addition to covering kettlebell training drills, Mike covers program design and how to train to optimize sex hormones which is the most important goal of training.

What You Will Learn At An Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Workshop

  • How to develop tremendous hip power to drive kettlebells overhead like hot air balloons.
  • What to do to avoid banging up your wrists on cleans and snatches.
  • What to do with your pelvis on swings to protect your lower back. If your back is getting sore from swings then your form needs some work.
  • How to protect your back with a virtual belt so you do not have to look like a home depot employee when you train.
  • How to train with kettlebells in a safe and effective manner to avoid potential injuries. Kettlebell traning is very safe when executed properly. When practiced with poor technique it is a certainty that you will get injured.
  • How to get as tight as possible to lift more weight then ever before and avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • The Importance of being able to get loose and tight in a single repetition. This will make a big difference in your workouts.
  • How to breathe for maximum performance
  • How to combine exercises for maximum strength in less time than ever before.
  • The seven biggest mistakes that people make with regards to training and how to avoid them.
  • How to structure a workout for maximum fat loss and strength and why 25-45 minute workouts are superior to 90 minute death marches.
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when doing Windmills and Turkish Get-ups and how to avoid them. Most likely you are making these mistakes.
  • Why the Bent press is not a press and how to do it properly once and for all (hint: it is all in the lats).
  • Why you should pull yourself down on squats with your hamstrings instead of flopping down.
  • Where to look on Kettlebell Military Presses for maximum power.
  • How to avoid muscle imbalances by incorporating must have exercises into your routine. Muscle imbalances result in injuries that can be very painful and costly. Learn how to avoid them.
  • Learn what the Five Pillars Of Kettlebell Training are and why you should be doing them.
  • What joint mobility exercises to do before and after training to get prepared for the hard work ahead and to help recover after.
  • Why you can replace your gym membership with kettlebell training and get into fantastic shape if you want to. Or combine kettlebell training with your current regimen for the best of both worlds.
  • How to set up a nutrition plan for fat loss and muscle gain and what supplements can help.
  • The importance of restoration and what you can do to speed up recovery to enhance training progress and well being

Here Are Some Of The Exercises That You Will Learn

  • Swings: This is were it all starts for developing rapid hip flexors and for accelerating fat loss. It is not as simple as it looks. Learn the best way to do swings at the workshop and how to avoid getting a sore lower back.
  • Cleans: Are you banging up your wrists. You should not be even with the heaviest kettlebells. Without a perfect clean, forget about doing presses with confidence. It all starts here. Why you should open your hand and wrap your hand around the kettlebell rather than letting the kettlebell flip over and bang up your forearms.
  • One arm snatch: Again, are you banging up your wrists? If you are, sign up right now or get good medical insurance. If you are banging up your wrists then you have no idea what you are doing and are wasting your time with snatches. You will be amazed at how good snatches feel when executed properly. No pun intended.
  • Military Press: (Many years ago the Military Press was the mark up upper body strength. Now people are lazy and like to lie down when doing presses ;-) learn why the military press is a full body demonstration of tension and why lat activation is critical for an important press. Learn why you should press two kettlebells like a barbell and lower two kettlebells like you are doing a pull-up for maximum strength. You will be shocked at what a difference this makes.

  • Bent Press: This is an incredible exercise for building up the lats for pressing. Learn why it is a" hold" more than it is a press. You will learn to focus on pushing your body away from the bell rather than pressing the bell away from you.
  • Side Press: This is a hybrid of the military press and windmill. Both moves have to happen at the same time to make this one happen. Superb drill for working the shoulder, lats, and core all in one movement.
  • Rows: If you are not doing any bent-over rowing, then you are building an imbalanced body and can expect to have some nice shoulder injuries and shoulders that hunch forward. Learn how to do rows correctly to build a balanced powerful upper body.
  • Windmill: This is an exceptional exercise for building shoulder stability, core strength, and solid obliques. It is also an incredible for building flexibility in the shoulders and lower body. Done correctly, this exercise is safe and effective. Done incorrectly, it is a sure-fire way to get injured badly! Learn how to do it right before it is too late.
  • Turkish Get-up: Forget about crunches and doing sit-ups all day long. Work your body as one unit and build a rock solid midsection. Learn the pattern of motion to make TGU' seamless and productive.
  • Squats: Learn the front squat that has tremendous carry over to sports and the hack squat that works the calves and glutes with one kettlebell behind your back. You will be amazed by how heavy one kettlebell feels in this position. What is great about various kettlebell squats is that they do not place any strain on the lower back, Moreover, if you get in trouble you can simply let go of the weight. No spotters or squat racks are required.

Click Here For More Info On These Exercises

The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Workshop Experience

As an active duty medic I can certainly appreciate any form of physical training that is both effective and efficient. I found both of these in the use of kettlebells and in the instruction by Mr. Mahler. In my job I must be able to move fast, lift and carry personnel and equipment, and maintain a high level of physical output for a prolonged period of time. I had been using kettlebells for about a year when I attended Mike Mahler’s London workshop. After reading and viewing all available kettlebell information and instruction that was available I still learned new techniques and tips from Mr. Mahler. Not only that, but also a few “old” exercises took on a new level of importance through Mike’s instruction. Quite the gentleman, he was very patient and thorough in his instruction and it was surprising how much information we covered in such a short period of time. If I had it all to do over again I would jump at the chance to attend the workshop. Additionally it was quite inspirational to watch Mike demonstrate all of the movements with a pair of 72 lbs bells. However, to look at him you would think they weighed about ten pounds each. After incorporating some of the subject matter that was covered in the seminar I have noticed a some very positive changes. Increased safety in lifting and carrying, not only in the gym but in everyday life. Better endurance and, of course, increased strength especially in regards to my stabilizer muscles which have caused me to have a significant decrease in training injuries. My energy levels have risen as well as a result of the strenuous workouts. All from workouts spanning anywhere from 15-30 minutes using equipment so small I usually store it under my desk at work.

Educational, inspirational, and quite thought provoking, Mike was successful in changing the way I structure my workouts and showing me the subtle points of the Girevoy sport that have significant carry over into everyday life. Thank you, Mike, I am indebted to you.
- Aaron Hall, Military Medic

Why Mike Mahler is Qualified

  • Mike has taught over 100 kettlebell workshops across the US and overseas over the last several years
  • Mike has taught kettlebell training to over a thousand people and has never had a dissatisfied customer. Not one!
  • Mike is endorsed by some of the top strength coaches and fitness experts in the world (see testimonials page)
  • Mike has the strength, flexibility, and endurance to back up everything that he teaches. What you see is often what you get.
  • Mike is the author/producer of seven best selling kettlebell DVD's.
  • Mike is the only strength coach to have kettlebell articles in Muscle & Fitness, Ironman Magazine, Planet Muscle, Exercise Magazine For Men, and Mike has a kettlebell training column in Ironman Magazine Japan.
  • Most importantly, Mike knows how to teach proper kettlebell training in a format that everyone can understand and enjoy. Everyone!

Failure in life is often due to two things: the ego and procrastination. Don’t make the mistake for being a know-it-all that does not need help from anyone and don’t make the mistake of putting off what needs to be done right now. Register for Mike’s kettlebell training workshop in your area and take comfort in the fact that you will be learning from one of the best kettlebell training instructors in around.

Find a Workshop Now! View the Complete 2012 Workshop Schedule

Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Workshop Feedback

"Mike Mahler is an expert in the challenging field of sports conditioning. His unique and innovate teaching tactics guarantee high retention of these one of kind workouts. His extensive knowledge feeds a powerful passion to explore the human body with safety and strength. If you get a chance to train with him; do so or regret it."
- Frank Shamrock, Five Time UFC Middleweight Champion

"You are an incredible instructor. As a corporate trainer, I understand the energy it takes to manage, teach, and motivate a group. You really excel at breaking down even the most technical exercise into the appropriate steps . The progression allows everyone to be successful. It is clear you love what you are doing and have fun doing it...which translates into everyone else having fun."
- Barbara McDuffie

"Hey Mike, You're seminar was so awesome. I am writing this a few days after and am still so sore, I was having so much fun, I didn't realize how hard we were working. Thanks for answering my hundreds of questions, I really like all your ideas of not only exercise but overall health. I can't believe how fast the four hour seminar flew by. You rock!"
- Chris Pontius, Star of MTV's "Jackass" and "Wildboyz"

“Mike Mahler's course is Scotland was a blast! I have used kettlebells for years now, but Mike's seminar still gave me a new perspective and fresh ideas on the training. The lecture about hormonal optimization was very informative and often surprising. Mike made me want to explore that subject even more. The course follow up was very professional and I cannot praise it enough! Mike Mahler is by all means one of the most exciting, professional and competent trainers I have ever worked with. The Man is also freakinglishly strong and is great FUN. I already look forward to hosting him in London.”

Sabina Skala (CJSFitness/FDP - Fighters Development Programme)

"Mike came over to the UK in February 2011 & a bunch of us jumped at the chance to learn from him & we weren't disappointed!!

I'd never done any double kettlebell work before & I was interested in hearing what Mike had to teach. After learning the techniques I am definitely going to add more double bells into my training now I know how to do so effectively without taking my knees out!!

Mike creates a friendly, working atmosphere, is incredibly open to answering any questions - whether you're a novice or an experienced lifter I would say it's well worth attending - plus we had the added bonus of the hormone optimization lecture over lunch. Very interesting subject which is put in simple terms for all to comprehend.

Mr Mahler please come over to the UK more often!!"

---Jane Maddern

"I attended Mike’s kettlebell/hormone optimization workshop weekend in Edinburgh Scotland in February 2011. I knew Mike from his online presence where he is very generous in sharing his extensive knowledge. Also, from his information packed, inspirational and entertaining dvds such as ‘Boys Back in Town’.

I had very high expectations of the course and these were exceeded! I learned new techniques and complexes with double kettlebells and new approaches to familiar lifts which I can experiment with. I also learednew ways to teach the basic lifts to my clients.The hormone optimization lecture was very informative and I have already put what I learned into practice. I have come away from the course feeling inspired and with extra tools for my own training and to help whip my clients into shape!

What makes Mike stand out from other educators is that he is so approachable, personable and humorous. He makes sure everyone feels comfortable to ask any questions and goes out of his way to answer them. He created a great atmosphere in the group so we were all sharing and encouraging each other with many new friendships made. This buzz continued after the course – facebook was red hot for days! Within a couple of days Mike had sent out lots of post course materials such as e-books and there are dvds of the course to follow – essential for optimal retention.

The next time Mike is within striking distance I’ll be there!

Jane Ray - Personal Trainer, IKFF CKT and Kettlebell Sport Competitor

"I want to share my thoughts with you on your training weekend in Edinburgh this weekend past. What can I say except brilliant and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Obviously, the course content was superb...well thought out and the 2 days flowed seamlessly. For me though, it was your manner and people skills that set you apart from other people I have trained with. You have the unique ability to critique without criticizing. We had 2 days with a room full of people with mixed abilities and yet differences in ability were hardly apparent. You treated everyone with dignity and respect and your sense of humor dispelled any nerves that some folks may have had. This made people relax, open their minds and learn with ease. You are genuinely interested to find out about the people who came to train with you and are a very easy person to talk to. That is the mark of not just a good trainer but an excellent one and isn't something that can be learned. You either have it or you don't and Mike, you have it in bucketloads!

Everyone there came from very diverse backgrounds and we all met in the middle at your seminars. Myself, I come from a bodybuilding background (17 years) and have competed and trained others for many years so have been fortunate enough to train with and learn from some really good people. You rank right at the top. You are knowledgeable and skilled to the point of it being ridiculous and you walk the talk which I respect greatly. You have a true passion for what you do which is infectious.

I appreciated the fact that you are not just a kettlebell trainer but know the gym well and I have learned how to better apply my kettlebell training to my bodybuilding training and improve my core moves in terms of performance. You talk my language and get where I am coming from.

With my background, hormone optimization is obviously very important and I learned a lot during your lectures which again will help me in what I do and allow me to be more useful to the people who come to me for help.

Mike, it was a genuine honor and pleasure to train with you and I very much look forward to the next installment :-)"

Kirsten Tulloch

Shetland Islands, Scotland


NABBA Physique competitor

“I first heard of Mike Mahler 18 months ago when a friend recommended him for some personal training, before that I didn’t have a clue what a kettlebell was and I sure didn’t have a clue about how to train or nourish myself! I spent a year as an online client and in that time my strength and conditioning went through the roof. Mike’s approach to nutrition was excellent and whilst there were huge changes in my diet it actually came really easy and Mike was a great support. So when I heard Mike Mahler was coming to UK I couldn’t wait to jump straight on board for both days of his 2 day course. I’m so glad I did because it was an amazing experience, Mike’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and his know how is second to none, on top of that he is just one hell of a fantastic human being. In the two days I learned to improve my technique across the board and did my first double snatches and double swings outside the legs, both with great technique due to being under Mike’s watchful eye. In the week that has followed the training I have had nothing but PRs, I have gone from one arm pressing 8kg bells to 12kgs in less that 2 days and my one arm rowing has increased from 16kgs to 24kgs in the same time. I feel in tip top condition and know that the sky is the limit. If anyone wants to learn how to maximise their training and learn how to nourish their bodies then I recommend they get on as many of Mike’s courses as they can, there is always something to learn from him. Great course, I’m stoked!”

Paula Craven (aged 41), Attended the Scotland Course

“I wanted to thank you again for an awesome weekend. I loved every minute of it, and have learned so much that I will be putting into practice from this week on. You are a very inspirational teacher and have relit my enthusiasm for my kettlebells. You’re right – it was a brilliant group of people to work with. I already knew a lot of them from other workshops, but I made so many new friends over the weekend as well.

I thought your lectures were also very important, and have already booked a food sensitivity test. I also went straight out on Monday and got some selenium and probiotics, and even tried seaweed for the first time to try and improve my iodine”

Avril Brown, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Once again thanks for an awesome and truly inspiring weekend I learned so much from you Mike, more I think than I have learned from a course ever before. Maybe its because I understand things better now I’m a little older as an athlete and trainer who knows what I do know is your teaching style and coaching ability totally blew me away and the only other time I have witnessed this is in the company of Ken Blackburn, Steve Cotter and Jason Dolby. You guys really do give me something to aspire to be like.”

--David McConnachie

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for an awesome weekend, which exceeded all expectations. You can never stop learning, and this weekend definitely taught me that!”

--Christian Vila

“I attended a Level 1 (Beginner's Workshop) and Level 2 (Intermediate Workshop) with Mike in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. Previously I had learnt only from books and the Internet. I found both days to be highly instructive. Some techniques that I had struggled with at home such as windmills and double snatch were done with confidence for the first time. Highly recommended. Thanks Mike!”

-- Bruce Mitchell

"I have been around and trained with athletes of all disciplines: martial artists, mountaineers, powerlifters, bodybuilders, college athletes, cyclists, rock climbers, alpinists, footballers, basketballers, etc....Mike stands out more than anyone I have ever had the chance to train with. He has an uncanny ability to break down each lift into segments, focus on them, make sure you master them, then apply them to the whole. He does this with incredible detail and most importantly, patience. I am in no way affiliated with Mike or Dragondoor, so believe me.....I would have paid double if I had to for his workshop. Best six hours of training I've had, period. My snatch is now smooth enough to pass the snatch test for my weight class at the RKC. I was coming up short before, but after Mike, the snatch seems like a whole new lift. In regards to Mike being second to Pavel....I used to be of that mindset but now I question it. I think once you achieve the level of fitness Mike has, none is your better. You just have many equals and countless lesser."
- Steve Meidinger, Denver, CO

"Before attending your workshop, on the Military Press I was able to press the 32kg around 3-4 times on each arm. I just tried it yesterday and cranked out 7 reps with 1-2 left to spare…. I feel the class gave me the extra help with technique that I needed to pull the lat into it more. SWEET!"
- Dustin Silveri, Reno, NV

"I just wanted to say hello and thank you after attending my first kettlebell seminar in NYC this past weekend. My mind was truly blown away (not to mention my ENTIRE body)!! You are a powerhouse of knowledge and a wonderful motivator. Going back to my gym today was tough - all I could think about was how much I want to learn to master the kettlebell exercises and dump traditional weightlifting. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me discover a way out of my boring training routine. Look forward to another seminar! Thanks again!"
- Julie Nuzzo, NYC

"Thanks to your coaching on lifting heavy kettlebells, I am finally able to snatch an 88lb KB! Several points on technique I learned at your Level 1 Kettlebell Seminar in Miami last made the difference."
- Frank DiMeo CrossFit Gulf Coast

"Thanks for the great seminar. Quinton and I learned a lot and now better understand the fundamentals that will propel us to success. I am finding it hard to walk today :) I hope our beginner status didn't slow things down too much. Next time I see you I'll show off my deep squat! I believe that this class and the system taught is the most fundamentally sound program I have ever seen. Quinton said if he would have known about this 4 years ago he would have been State champ rather than just the league champ in wrestling."
- Kib Pearson

"First off, it was a nice environment. I like Southern California, and the weather was a lot cooler that what I left in Ft. Lauderdale. Second, the planning excellent. This was a seminar and neighborhood I was proud to bring my wife to. I have traveled around the country attending seminars that were information rich, but poorly initiated. Mike took care of the hotel, seminar site, lunch, meet & greet, and a group dinner on Saturday. His thoroughness is the sign of knowledge AND experience. The third import point was the seamless thread of information that was delivered by Mike Mahler and Pavel Tsatsouline. All attendee's were emailed PDF files of the material that was to be covered, and the schedule for the day. This alone amounted to over 120 pages of information,...a free book if you will, as another benefit of the seminar. The instruction was paced with demonstrations, analogy, metaphor, and practical workouts under the critical eye of the hosts. Alterations in form, improvements in flexibility, and instant, almost magical increases of strength were not the exception, but rather the rule for the day. The last point was sincerity and friendship. Everyone, from diverse lifestyle and athletic backgrounds found common ground and helped each other. My wife Cindy and I really enjoyed the weekend and we wouldn't hesitate to attend another Mike/Pavel workshop. Thanks guys, you hit this one out of the park."
- Tom Furman,

"Thanks again for a great seminar this past weekend. My husband and I enjoyed it immensely, and not only appreciated the instruction from you and Pavel, but from the RKC instructors as well. They too did a fantastic job of helping out and encouraging! The time and energy (and humor!!) you put into the course meant a lot to all of us and will help ripple out the success of kettlebell popularity no doubt."
- Lisa M. Hoffmann

"Mike is an incredible teacher with his own unique way of simplifying the moves. He breaks down each and every move piece by piece putting them together as if you were building blocks. This in turn simplifies the moves and when he finally has you execute the lift it comes together like magic with more precision and perfection. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, starting as a competitive bodybuilder and in all these years I have not seen such an amazing yet simple teaching techniques. As a martial arts instructor I can say that Mike has an incredible progressive teaching method that I’ve only seen in elite martial arts masters. When I shared this with Mike he told me that he saw kettlebells training like martial arts training.If you can not get to one of his workshops do get his DVD’s. I just got and strongly recommend “Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength.” Mike Mahler is a true Kettlebell Master. He is destined to become a Fitness Superstar in the very near future."
- Julio Anta, Owner of Anta's Fitness And Self Defense

"As a former Marine Sergeant, former natural bodybuilder, former powerlifter, present day amateaur strong man competitor and personal trainer. I have all the respect in the world for Mike's seminars. The seminar was in Bethesda, Maryland and was taught by Mike and another RKC person named Dillon. I felt I really had gotten my money's worth. I only had the kettlebells two weeks prior and was having trouble with some of the techniques. Mike taught with professionalism and was an interesting person. And, not the candy-assed Richard Simmons type that plague the fitness industry. The kettlebells have given me more exposure in the fitness industry and has given my own workouts a boost. My wife says she likes the way my body has become more streamlined, balanced and cut up from all the cleans and presses and snatches. If you have any question about attending a seminar...get rid of any doubt now. It is well worth the money! You better bring some water and towel, because you are working the entire time."
- Keith Dickey President, Body Energy

"You are an excellent motivator and a wealth of great information! You deserve every bit of good fortune and than some, that comes your way! You opened a new door for me that desperately needed an opening. I'm really sick and tired of traditional weight training and all the pompous uninformative trainers that come along with it. They are all show muscle, and are more interested in taking people's hard earned money and BS-ing with their friends and potential prospects during client time. It was cool to see NYC's legendary Harley Flannigan get put through your routines too. I think he was even more surprised to find out I was a fan as well and played the Cromags back in the day when I was a Metal/ Hardcore DJ in NJ… Olli's sure I will be emailing you again soon with some more questions and I will be one of your future on-line clients. Thanks again for an awesome day & hurry back to NYC bro!!"
- Tim Koenig , NYC

"Thanks again for a great seminar - it was an excellent opportunity to learn how to do the basics the right way! Seriously, I had a great time. You're an excellent instructor - not many people can make six hours of working out/learning that much fun. The time really flew by, so that's a good endorsement for your ability to keep it fresh."
- Laurie Dann, Miami, FL

"Mike, I wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with your seminar that you held in Arvada, CO. last week. Your skills at teaching and instructing are nothing less than expert. I have been "playing around" with KB's for about a year, and I am always self conscious about my form. I thought that I had my techniques practiced and learned properly. Your seminar helped to correct my form in the clean, the Turkish Get-Up(TGU), windmill, military press, and the bent press. Again, your expert instruction and demonstration of the most technical bends/grinds saved me from my poor bent press form. The way you throw around the bulldogs is inspiring."
- Thomas Buhl, Denver, CO

"Please come back to DC. We'd like to attend another workshop from you. Amazingly enough, my entire body is sore, but not my lower back. The first time I was trained with someone else, I had a sore back. I just love the way you trained us. It's phenomenal!"
- Mya Thida

"I really enjoyed your workshop. I feel I got my monies worth still sore). I learned a lot at your workshop. I will say that being directly in front of you the majority of the time had a tremendous effect on my focus. My learning how not to have the KBs bang my wrist when I do Cleans was worth the price of admission all by itself and the rest was icing on the cake. The 6 hours went by too fast for me. There was so much more I would like to have learned from you. Your generosity and approach-ability are rare qualities. I believe if you nurture those qualities about yourself you will continue to be successful. Unselfish behavior is a rare thing in the business world; especially when it pertains to fitness. Allowing me to take a DVD trusting I would PayPal for it later was a shock. I expected to hear "Sorry, I just can't do that." So Thank You again."
- James Day, Lenexa, Kansas

“That was the best seminar I've been to. Good job. Also, your DVD is really hot. The setting is perfect and that first move drew me in capturing my attention. I look forward to reading more of your articles and experiencing your training. I will definitely be attending another seminar.”
- Mike Tornabane

"Thanks so much for coming to Denver. I learned a lot about certain exercises. I've been working on the double military press. GTG. Before the seminar I could only budge the 70's. Now I am doing like three sets of two each day. Your totally awesome."
- Thomas Kitchen, Denver, CO

"You tha man!! That sh*t was awesome!!! F**kin A right on!!! ha ha ha yo that sh*t was sick i was sore for like two days! You run the seminar drill sergeant style! I loved it and I gotta get real strong and get that sh*t down and do a guest spot on your next DVD."
- Harley Flannagan of the band "Harley's War" and founder of the NYC Hardcore Band "The Cro-Mags"

"Hey Mike, thank you for the excellent seminar. it was really great to meet you and learn the kb's from you. You really do a great job on all points, you know the material really well, you kept us moving (my friggin butt is still sore..haha) and you got the good personality to go with it...I see why your successful at the seminars. I really appreciated the detailed feedback too as it made a big difference for me."
- Jon Hinds of Lifeline USA

"Mike, I just wanted to say that your seminar was beyond advertised, and I feel very confident in attending the RKC certification in April. The corrections you made in my snatch not only allowed me to complete the 72 snatches with the 53lb kettlebell, but when I got home I was able to do 60 snatches with the 72lb kettlebell feeling stronger than ever with the exercise. The strength routines you suggested ie. 3x3 and 5x5 with multi-joint exercises take me 30-40 minutes and the results are 10x what I ever got weightlifting. Strength coaches do not usually deliver more than offered, but you are obviously an exception when it comes to professionalism and teaching. Looking forward to having you come back to NYC for a level 2 seminar."
- Marc Simione NSCA-CPT, Strength Coach

"Firstly, Mike you are trully INSANE when it comes to KB training and your seminar...AWSOME! Well worth its weight in gold. I learned alot more than just proper form and technique, I learned preparation, focus and attention to detail and all the other nuances that go along with kettlebell training. The soreness and body ache are a testament to everything taught at the seminar. I strongly urge anyone who is procrastinating or delaying to register RIGHT NOW. Secondly, I'd like to thank you Mike and Dillon wholeheartedly for the inspiration and motivation you have given me to pursue my goals and new found love of kettlebell training. Last but not least, I walked away from your seminar knowing how to trully " Live Life Aggressively". GOD bless and thanks again."
- Joe Nicholson, NYC

"I enjoyed the seminar immensely and definitely got my money’s worth. Thanks for the tips. I wasn’t sore everywhere, my feet, calves, jaw and hands were fine. The rest of me was a wreck. Ok most of me still is a wreck. I feel much more confident of the windmill and presses after going through the seminar."
- Brad Koltak, Bethesda, MD

"Thank you for the KB Workshop in Bethesda. You are correct in saying, you cannot learn everything from a video, and you need personal attention. The workshop was well organized and filled with a ton of information. Dylan’s insight was a nice touch. He is definitely a wealth of information on KB application. The two of you really complement each other. The workshop was definitely aggressive, no unnecessary fluff."
- Ron Hiett

"As I'm sure you've been told before, you have a passion that is contagious and a natural teaching ability, which makes you great at your job. Keep up the good work."
- Andy Chestman, Bethesda, MD

"Thanks again for the great instructions and information you gave out. I experienced soreness and pain in some body parts for the first time in my life after the workshop. I thought I would benefit from kettlebells exercises, now I can do them safely with the proper techniques."
- Chiali Sung, NYC

"Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your seminar in NYC this weekend. The class was extremely well organized and you guys were very efficient and informative. I think even a novice like me could get something very valuable out of the class. I also though it was a great idea to have more than one instructor given the size of the group. Overall, you guys did a great job and really kicked our collective asses."
- Kevin Saer, NYC

"It was an absolute pleasure to watch you work. You are a great teacher and clearly enjoy your trade. You are a true professional."
- Mike Rutherford, Owner of Crossfit/Kansas

"I just want to say thank you for your efforts. I now feel confident in the ability to properly use kettlebell's. Your expertise and guidance, and those of your fellow instructors, have increased my performance 1000%. It was a great training day and one I will not soon forget, however, I was one whipped pup on Sunday. Please keep me in mind for future classes if you return to the Philadelphia area."
- Rick Nowaczek, Philadelphia

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your very informative and inspirational workshop last weekend in Big D. I found it to be very valuable and well worth the money! I only began training with KB's about 2 months ago but have found them to be addictive. I was never a big one for working out but KB's and meeting you have changed that! I am actually very interested in becoming an RKC so that I can become an instructor/personal trainer. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but meeting people like you and Lisa Schaffer keeps me inspired and motivated! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again."
- Christine Myck Dallas, TX

"It would be an understatement to say I am sore! Your intense understanding of what you teach is incredible, and combined with your tremendous personality it makes for a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I will definitely be purchasing some kettlebells. I appreciate your firmness and no nonsense approach, as to many workshops get out of control and off track. You stayed on task and in control. You are a true professional Mike!"
- Vincent Harris, Lenexa, Kansas

"Thanks for the incredible workshop. After the months of trying to learn proper technique from books and videos it was about time I got a professional to help, and you were quite the professional. It was also great fun to meet you, the man behind the legend, and see you perform the movements with such great ease. Thanks again, hopefully I'll have the chance to meet with you another time."
- Ryan Plauche, Dallas, TX

"The wealth of immediately usable information I came away with was tremendous - I have had a lot of technique flaws that have kept me from accomplishing a number of lifts. Mike's clear instructions and breaking each exercise into steps blocks was a very effective. The 52# bell has been my stopping point for a long time; I have only been able to poor cleans, press one a couple times (on a good day) and do snatches and swings with it. During the class I was able to clean and press a pair of 52s for reps, successfully clean the 72# bell, hack squat the 52# for reps and front squat the 52s in the low rack position for reps....none of which I could do before Mike's clinic."
- Kelly Moore, Wisconsin

"The workshops are great. I learn something new every time, even after going for more than 2 years. They are extremely well organized, professionally conducted, and nicely tailored to the ability level of the folks who attend. Keep up the good work. Your written work is superb and ranks with Pavel Tsatsouline, Scott Sonnen, and Clarence Bass in terms of originality, quality of thought, and refreshing lack of hyperbole. Thanks for teaching me the Whole Body Double Snatch - a world class exercise of almost evil genius."
- Kevin Garrison, Alexandria, VA

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