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"In our field countless numbers hold themselves out as experts, yet only a select few can be called true experts. Utilizing his rare skill with the art of kettlebells, he marries these classic techniques with routines that are modern and thoughtful, yet still creative and diverse. Mahler also offers seminars and articles that are both informative and inspiring. He’s just amazingly well-rounded. Simply stated, I consider Mike Mahler to be one of the premier strength trainers in the world today.”
- Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN Author, Extreme Muscle Enhancement - Bodybuilding’s Most Powerful Techniques Contributing Editor and Writer, Muscular Development Magazine Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director, Peak Wellness

A common thing that people often tell me is that I live life aggressively. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I do live aggressively and that this aggression caries over to my training as well. Thus, my style of training is called Aggressive Strength training.

Allow to me clarify how I define aggression. For me, aggression has nothing to do with being violent. I do not want to inflict harm on any being and would never recommend violence to others. What I mean by being aggressive is being proactive about your life. It is about going after what you want with full intensity like a warrior that will not accept defeat. Living aggressively is about being in the moment and taking care of things immediately. Living aggressively is about building a fulfilling life, rather than living vicariously through other people's lives on TV. Living aggressively is about having the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

What does this have to do with strength training? Simple, it is not enough to just have a strong body. That is not real strength in my opinion. I see big and physically strong men and women frequently that cannot think for themselves and are at the mercy of the people around them. On the other hand, I know many intelligent people that excel in academia and in the business world. Yet, physically, many of them are weak and would be in serious trouble in any situation that required physical strength. They may be mentally strong, but overall they are weak.

I think that it is time to carry over the discipline that we learn from proper strength training to other areas of our life as well as take the disciplines that we have learned from other areas in life and apply them to strength training. Just as in area of life, the development of physical strength requires critical thinking and a strong mind. It is not enough to blindly follow others hoping that they have the answers that you are not willing to ascertain on your own. The great Buddha said that each of us must find our own paths in life and the path to strength is no exception. Through this website and my articles, I will be getting into these concepts much more. For now though, lets get into what aggressive strength training is.

Aggressive Strength Training is not about going to failure on every set and being sore as hell the next day. It is not about screaming and snarling like a maniac during each set. Aggressive Strength Training an approach to training that requires focus and internal intensity. An Aggressive Strength Training workout involves knowing exactly what you will be doing at a workout before getting started. Would you get in your car to drive to your job without knowing how to get there? Of course not and your approach to training should not be any different. Aggressive Strength Training requires being focused on the task at hand, rather than reading a newspaper between sets or talking to your friends about the great weekend that you had. With aggressive strength training, it is mandatory that you have clearly defined goals and deadlines for achieving your goals. Ever notice how many trainees in the gym have been using the same training loads for years? I see this all the time. That maybe fine if you goal is maintenance. However, I believe that if you are not improving you are getting worse. Aggressive Strength Training is about making progress and using the best programs to ensure progress. Finally, Aggressive Strength Training requires what I like to call Internal Intensity. Internal Intensity is a form of channeling aggression and energy inward to increase strength and focus. Imagine a dam that is full of water and ready to burst and you have an idea of the power of Internal Intensity. Imagine applying that intensity to your workouts. You will when you train Aggressive Strength style. To sum it up, Aggressive Strength Training is the end of dogma. It is finding your strength training path and having the resolve to finish what you start. Welcome to the world of Aggressive Strength and the end of complacency.

Live life Aggressively!

Mike Mahler


Mike Mahler

Mike Mahler is a strength trainer and hormone optimization researcher based in Las Vegas, NV. Mike has been in the fitness industry for over thirteen years and has taught workshops all over the US and overseas. His current focus is on the field of hormone optimization via nutrition, training, nutrition supplements, and lifestyle. Mike is also the author of Live Life Aggressively! What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You

Mike is respected writer, known for his honest and fluff-free style, and has written over a hundred articles for publications such as: Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Hardcore Muscle Magazine, Planet Muscle, Testosterone Magazine, Ironman Magazine, Ironman Magazine Japan, and Exercise Magazine For Men. Mike has also been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness UK, UPN News, and CBS News

Mike has done over a hundred kettlebell workshops since 2002 across the United States and overseas. Some of the locations where Mike has taught include: Holland, South Africa, Dubai, Dublin, London, Panama City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Boston, and New York City

Mike is well known as one of the leading experts on effective kettlebell training for size, strength, fat loss and conditioning. In addition to his highly in-demand workshops, Mike is the author of three best-selling kettlebell training DVDs: The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness, The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength and Kettlebell Solutions For Speed And Explosive Strength, as well as two best-selling kettlebell training e-books: The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Manual, The Aggressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training and The Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength.

Aggressive Strength Training Style

My training style is focused on making people stronger and faster and building strength and conditioning that will carry over to various athletic activities.

In addition, I feel that strength training is far more than what you can do physically. Mental strength and strength of character are both components of real strength.

What is the point of being strong physically if you are not capable of carrying a good conversation or enjoying life from not being a well rounded human being? Strength training is so much more than just lifting weights, and what you learn from training can enhance other areas of your life.

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